Birth Story

I wasn't expected to sleep ANY before the induction but I was able to sleep from about 9:30-1:30 and then up at 2, 3 and stayed up at 3:40 and started getting ready. We got to the hospital at 5:00am and got things going. My nurse had me fill out the paperwork, got me into a gown, we took our last pregnant belly picture, got me on the monitors and finally started the pitocin at 6:25. Before the meds started I was 3cm, 80% effaced still-3station and having contractions regularly every 10 minutes but wasn't feeling anything. Dr P does a high dose pitocin protocol so I started at 6 units rather than the normal 2 and after 30 minutes it's bumped to 16 and then to 24 in another 30 minutes!!! At 7:10 Dr P came in and broke my water. Holy geez I didn't know there was so much. I seriously thought that after all of that water that Truitt was only going to weigh 7lbs and the rest of the big belly had to be due to fluid! When he broke my water I was 3-4cm, 80%, and still -3station. By 8am I was having painful contractions that were 3 minutes apart but able to breathe through them. About 30 minutes later I said I was ready for the epidural and then got out of bed until the anesthesiologist made it in there. E wasn't able to watch because he was a bit woozy but it wasn't bad at all! He had me sit cross legged on the bed and roll my back out towards him. My nurse helped hold my neck down. I had about 3 strong contractions during this time and luckly breathed through them just fine. By 9:20 the epidural meds were in and I felt WONDERFUL! My nurse checked me again and I was 6cm, 100% effaced but still -3 station. No one could believe how quickly I had dilated. At 11:00 I was checked again and was 8cm and finally he had dropped to -2station. At 1:30 Dr P got out of surgery and came and checked me again. I was 9cm but unfortunately never got past -2 station so he decided it was time for a c-section. I was completely ok with this. I had given labor every chance and it wasn't bad at all (thanks to the epidural!) so I wouldn't always be wondering what if. My nurse told me that now she felt ok in telling me that she thought my baby was going to weigh close to 10lbs!

We wheeled into the OR at 2:02 and the prep began. I was doing well and didn't have the anxiety or difficultly breathing that I figured would set in. At 2:16 (or 18 I can't remember) the cutting began and E got to come sit by my head. Truitt was born at 2:22! E immediately popped out of his chair and went to the warmer to watch him get his once over :) He scored 9 on his apgar!  I got a quick look of Truitt and got a minute or two of snuggles (as much as you can when you're strapped to a table) and then they took him to the nursery to weigh him and finish the assesment and then someone came in and told me that my "little guy" was 9lbs 12oz! There was NO way he would have come out vaginally and the reason why he never dropped was because of some "ledge" on my pelvic bone. After I was sewn up (2:38) I was wheeled back into my room and E came in shortly after and started showing me pictures. Truitt came in a few minutes later and I began to nurse him.