About US

Samantha:  A 25 year old breastfeeding, cosleeping, sometimes cloth diapering, babywearing,homemade babyfood making, baby book and medical study reading, stay at home momma that wouldn't have it any other way!

E:  My AMAZING husband since 2/21/09.  He is the rock of our family and most importantly, the perfect role model for our son.

Truitt, T, T-Ray, TR, Mr Man:  Born 12/28/10 and the best part of our lives!

This blog was started when we ran into "difficultly" during our TTC journey.  It was an amazing outlet to connect with others going through infertility.  Once we were able to get pregnant the community spread to fellow pregnant women and now to other mothers.  I never knew blogging would be such an adventure and that I would "meet" so many amazing women!

Our TTC Journey:
2/21/09- Married
10/23/09- Ditch the birth control pills, period comes at the end of the pack and we are officially TTC!
01/08/10- Still no period, many many negative pregnancy tests. Dr confirms PCOS  and we start Provera to bring on a new cycle
1/21/10- Finally CD1 and we're trying again!
3/18/10- No ovulation last cycle, New cycle is started thanks to Provera and here we go again!  This time we're taking 50mg Clomid CD5-CD9, Ultrasound monitoring CD12
3/29/10- Ultrasound shows NO measurable folicles, no response from 50mg Clomid wait until the end of the cycle and if no period take Provera and start 100mg of Clomid
4/16/10- Negative pregnancy test and no period so start Provera again!
04/23/10- Surprise POSTIVE  pregnancy test (Clomid DID work, just about 10 days late!)exactly 6 months after starting TTC!!!