Friday, January 18, 2013

19 weeks!

Today is: January 18th, 2013

How far along: 19 weeks 4 day (although my appointment was 19w1d)

Total weight gain: 6.6 pounds for the pregnancy. Womp, womp! My hope for only 25lbs is not looking very possible :(

Baby is the size of: A MANGO, approximately 6 inches long 8.5 ounces!

Baby is a: A BOY! This week we went for another QUICK look.  For the big reveal we went to an elective place.  She didn't get a great shot but we were confident that it was a boy- until I showed my OB the ultrasound picture and he said it could easily be a swollen girl.  Then I got on google and then more friends were saying the US looked more girl than boy so cue a freak out! I called the ultrasound place and the tech assured me on the phone that she was certain it was a boy but I could come in for a "2 minute" ultrasound.  We still didn't get the best look because, 1-I have an anterior placenta so the probe is having to go through it so see baby and 2- baby will NOT uncross his legs! Anyway, it looked much more boy to me :)

Maternity clothing: Most definitely

Sleep: Pretty good, waking 2-4 times to go to the bathroom but falling asleep pretty quickly after.

Movement: Thanks to the anterior placenta I'm still not feeling much. I sometimes feel him when I'm laying down on my side or sitting in the recliner.  I cannot wait to feel stronger, definite movements

Cravings/Aversions: Cravings? Soda (bad!), fruit, banana milkshakes, chocolate Aversions? Nothing really

- Heartburn. And acid reflux. Feel the burn!!!
 - Sore boobs-  Geez Louise! I don't remember them hurting this bad 1st trimester or even in the early breastfeeding days. My nips hurt if anything gets close to them!

 How this pregnancy is different than the first:
-Feeling Good.  With Truitt I was already having back and hip pain but so far so good. I know I shouldn't say that and jinx myself

 The best moment(s) of this past week:
-Hearing baby's heartbeat on the doppler at my appointment.  154! I can also find it really easy at home with our doppler
-Seeing Bennett again on the US, even if we only got a look at his bottom!
-Hearing T tell "Menit" hi all of the time
-Buying a "Big Brother" and "Little Brother" shirt set!

I'm looking forward to:
-Anatomy scan is February 12th
-Planning B's nursery
-Feeling baby move regularly

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  1. That t-shirt/onesie set is TOO CUTE! Congrats!