Tuesday, November 20, 2012

11 weeks!

Today is: November 20th, 2012

How far along: 11 weeks 1 day

Total weight gain: Up 0.4lbs from four weeks ago so down 2.6 for the pregnancy.

Baby is the size of: A BRUSSLES SPROUT, approximately an inch and a half long and 1/4 of an ounce!

Baby is a: Most likely a boy.  I have always thought I'd have two boys OR two girls and since we have Truitt I think it's going to be a little brother.  Also, looking at timing things are looking pretty in favor for BLUE! We will find out after the first of the year.

Maternity clothing: I did wear a pair of jeans the other day because they were a better style than my regular clothes but they were way too big.  My regular pants are uncomfortable especially by the end of the day.  They get unbuttoned when I'm sitting :)

Sleep: Not too good.  Up 2-3 times to pee and it takes forever to fall asleep.  Also a time or two a week I have been waking up about two hours after I go to bed and barely make it to the bathroom before throwing up.  I have been taking a nap with T most afternoons.

Movement: Baby is moving but it will be a while before I can feel it.

Cravings/Aversions: Cravings? Anything Pumpkin but I think that's just because of the time of year. Aversions? Anything I've thrown up- so tacos, Texas Roadhouse, bbq, the list goes on ;)

- Queasy and vomiting. In the afternoons and evenings my tummy is quite fluffy feeling
- Heartburn. Tums are already becoming almost a daily occurrence
- Sleepiness.
-Nipple tenderness- T still nurses at bedtime... YOWTCH!

How this pregnancy is different than the first:
- Throwing Up. In the past 11 weeks I've gotten sick more times than I did the entire pregnancy with T.  My OB kept me on Metformin (most do for PCOS moms because it reduces miscarriage rates if taken through the first trimester) and I really think it's contributing to the getting sick.  Today he told me to start weaning off of it!
-Weight gain. With T I had started gaining by this point and was in maternity pants

 The best moment(s) of this past week:
-Hearing baby's heartbeat on the doppler at my appointment.  I have a medical grade doppler at home but haven't been able to find baby but the dr did.  It's pretty far off to the side.
- Finding out my progesterone has started increasing.  First check is was 16.3 then dropped to 10. 7 and is now finally back up to 16.6.  It's still not high enough but thankfully it's going in the right way!
-We took our announcement pictures!

I'm looking forward to:
- Our NT scan! We go a week from today, on the 27th and will be announcing afterwards as long as all is well
-Getting over this awful cold I have!


  1. Congratulations! I have been meaning to pop over and say that for a while now. Very excited for you all!

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