Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Updates all around.

Well today is cd30/10dpo (if I ovulated the day after my positive opk) and surprise, surprise BFN this morning. Granted, 10dpo is very early but I'm just not too optimistic. I'm thinking I had the surge but no actual ovulation. I'll test again Friday and Sunday and then start provera Monday. I am having none of the symptoms I had with T (exhaustion, acne, sore nipples) other than being tired but that's an all the time thing for me.

My sister had her first ultrasound and all is well! Baby's heartbeat was already showing and she was given an EDD of 3/27!

So I posted back in January how I started up as a Thirty-One consultant and I'm thrilled to announce that I just promoted to director!!!! My team is now up to 8 girls and I cannot wait to continue to grow! I had no idea when this started that I would be a director but I am loving every second of it! This month I will be receiving a $750 bestbuy gift card and in October I'll get my $1000 cash bonus for promoting! It's very very exciting and a wonderful blessing!

T is doing wonderfully! His vocabulary is starting to expand daily and my favorite is the way he says thank you and yogurt!!! He will occasionally got potty in the toilet but it's not a regular thing and I'm 100% ok with it- he's still very young!

Another exciting tidbit- I've been doing Baby Boot Camp since mid May. It's a stroller workout around a 1.2 mile track at a local lake. It combines cardio with strength training and it's fun because you're with other moms. Well as of last week I am down 7.5inches!!! The biggest change has been my waist and arms which is so exciting for me! I plan to keep it up and even continue through pregnancy- whenever that may be!


  1. You never know, you could be pregnant! I wouldn't completely give up hope yet. I had NO symptoms with Asher this time. The ONLY reason I decided to test was because I had a dream that I was pregnant the night before, no joke! And I was over 5 weeks at the time. Congrats on doing so well with 31, I have debated doing something like that but don't know how well I'd do! Good luck with everything!

  2. No giving up at 10dpo!! :)

    Way to go on the Thirty-One thing! That's awesome!!!!!

  3. Woot-Woot on the Thirty-One bonuses! *raise the roof*LOL

    Yah T for the bathroom! He is getting to be SO big!