Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I took my last provera pill on Friday and I'm still waiting for cd1. The past few cycles it has started 3 days after so I am hoping it's here any time now.

The plan is 1500mg Metformin, 150mg clomid cd5-9 and ultrasound cd12. We did another SA for E last week. When we were TTC Truitt E did a SA on the 21st, we found out I was pregnant the 23rd so the results obviously didn't matter BUT his count was 20 million; normal is 60mil-200million. This time his count came back at 58mil; much better than last time BUT still just under the low side of normal so DR P WANTS TO SEND US TO A SPECIALIST. Ummmm wtf. I told his nurse that it wasn't an option right now because a specialist will be 100% out of pocket since our insurance won't cover a cent of it and it would cost thousands for just the initial testing not even including treatment. When we go for our ultrasound I'm going to talk to Dr P and try to get at least 2-3 more clomid cycles in (about to start our 3rd) with him. If we still haven't conceived the next step is to get back on weight watchers and lose 20-30lbs and hopefully by then T will be weaned and then try clomid again.

I'm really thinking breastfeeding may be what is keeping it from happening right now. I weigh less and am more fit than when I conceived T so what else could it be?


  1. I always wondered if my extended nursing (made it to just over two years) had something to do with it too! I plan on nursing the next one and we'll be trying for another by the time he/she will be a year... so we'll see. Good luck this cycle!

  2. How frustrating! I wouldn't be surprised if it was the nursing. Praying you get a BFP soon!

  3. First, it is AMAZING that you are still nursing! I wish I'd been able to make it that long. Personally, I dont think I ovulated during the 6 months that I exclusively nursed my daughter. After I stopped nursing her, I had the very noticeable ovulation signs, and found out I was expecting shortly after her 1st birthday.

    Secondly, I really, really, really hope you get a BFP soon! I know my comments always sound the same, but I'm really rooting for you and I know that Truitt will be a great big brother!

  4. wow Samantha, u r still breast feeding? that's great, wish I lasted that long with Loui... maybe that is the case, i hope when u wean Truitt off you will get your BFP isA good luck momma, and pls post some pics of Truitt :)

  5. Just checking in on you, it's been a couple weeks since your last update, I hope all is well!