Monday, July 9, 2012

Fluffy bums

I mentioned in T's 18 month update that we are in mostly cloth. If E changes him and I don't have a cloth diaper RIGHT there he will put him in a sposie. If he needs diaper cream we use a sposie because Flanders stains. 9 times out of 10 he wears a sposie to bed. Other than that he's in cloth! So I would guess that we use maybe 10 disposable diapers a week.

I recently started noticing some stink with our diapers and figured it was coming from the detergent (All Free&Clear) so we decided to switch to EcoSprouts. Before switching though I needed to strip the diapers to make sure all of the All was out of them. This requires some RLR (washing soda) and a LOT of rinsing! Once the diapers were all clean and dry I decided to take inventory :)

This is what we have: 4 flips, 3 oekopopo AI2, 4 piddle poddle AIO, (these are all pockets now--->) 5 wahmies, 4 Charlie banana, 3 sweet pea, 3 alva (have 4 more coming in the mail!), 3 no name pockets, 10 sunbabys! That's a total of 39 (not including what's on the way) plus several flip and gflapper inserts so it's more like 50 diaper changes. Last week I even sold 10 diapers. This is way more than we NEED but I just can't find any more I want to sell right now ;)

It's SO nice not having to buy diapers regularly and they just look so darn adorable on his tush!

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