Monday, July 23, 2012


And opk says ovulation is nowhere near.

So, I mentioned how Dr P was out of town the past two weeks so I'd miss the US and then we are out of town until Wednesday (cd16). I called their office this morning and he said to not even bother with bloodwork this cycle. I'll continue opks and doing the deed every other night until cd24ish and then wait and test. If I have a negative hpt i will start provera again on cd32ish. I thought next cycle would be 150mg clomid but Dr P keeps you at 100 for at least two cycles. I'm pretty bummed about this!

My sister and nephew came and stayed with us this past week. She got off the pill when C was about 10months and has had 35 day cycles since. She should have started her period last Saturday but didn't. She tested Tuesday and it was negative. Due to her symptoms I was convinced she was pregnant so I bought a test and she retested Thursday and sure enough she's pregnant! This is really exciting because she tried for C for years without conceiving! Her babies will be about 22 months apart! There wasn't the typical IF sting of hearing a pregnancy announcement that I normally feel so I'm happy about that. The bagilion Facebook announcements on my newsfeed from everyone else are starting to bring out those feelings again though :/


  1. I completely understand about the IF sting. I am currently on CD 28 and will be going for a pregnancy blood test tomorrow (if my period doesn't start). I am BEGGING my body to be pregnant because I'm supposed to have surgery this friday to try and figure out why my body isn't getting pregnant and I reallllly do not want to have surgery.

  2. I'm sorry that ovulation doesn't appear to be showing up. :( And I'm sorry about the sting of pregnancy announcements. Had many years of those myself. I hope reading my blog isn't adding to that -- and if you can't read it while you're TTC, I totally understand. Praying your body cooperates and that you are pregnant with #2 soon!

  3. I completely understand the sting... I've dealt with it with every pregnancy announcement for over 2.5 years of my life... thankfully it was split into 2 separate periods. The time when I was pregnant and and for the first, like, 9 months of Noah's life were glorious, because I didn't get the sting.

    Hopefully your body cooperates and you DO ovulate this month. If not, here's hoping things move along quickly! I definitely sucks to be trying when you can't really be trying because you know there is no egg to catch!

  4. Bummer. I'm sorry you're having to deal with this all over again. I hope you ovulate soon!

    Yay for your sister though!

  5. I'm sorry this is all happening again, hopefully you will ovulate within the next couple of weeks isA, please post some pics of truitt I want to c how he looks now :)