Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Woohoo! This cycle was "only" 43 days.

So after getting my outrageous dr bill from last cycle I decided that I was going to try to talk Dr P out of doing ultrasound monitoring this cycle. Since we aren't doing a trigger or IUI there isn't really a need for it in my opinion. I called the office today to let them know I had started- and they're out until the 23rd! Cd12 is the 21st and then we will be out of town the 22nd-25th so I think between Dr P's vacation and ours we are going to have to skip the US this month anyway! I am going to do OPKs and I will call on the 23rd to see if and when I need to come in for bloodwork. The only tricky thing is we will be at my dad's during "love week" and that'll be interesting with T in our room- especially because their guest bed is only a full sized mattress!

I have quite a few friends that are TTC and two of them were on the same cycle timing as me a few months ago. They have had 4 periods where as I have only had 2 but we are all back on the same track now so hopefully this will be our month. I would love a spring baby! Oh IF- not only do you make it harder to conceive but you also take away half the months out of the year!

The plan is I am currently on 1000mg Metformin and a prenatal vitamin. I will begin clomid 100mg on cd5-9. I'll start opks in cd12 and we will go from there. Also planning on continuing with preseed and SoftCups this month....


  1. Good luck witht he baby making this cycle! Wow... that will be interesting at your Dad's house... ;)

  2. Good luck!! That'll be interesting, but it would make for a good story one da if this is your cycle :) I love reading your updates, praying for yor spring baby!