Monday, July 2, 2012

18 Months!!!!

This post is a bit delayed because I was waiting on our dr visit. Truitt is up to 23lbs 11.5oz/50% (a different nurse was there so she put him on the baby scale!) and 34in/95%!!! My growing boy. All is well and he is on track developmentally and very healthy right now. What a blessing.

It's so funny because I always would take a list of questions in and had mentioned to Dr L how the list was getting shorter and shorter each checkup and he told me that by about 18months-2 years I wouldn't even have a list and he was right!

I did ask about weaning because as guilty as I am to admit it, there are more and more days when I'm feeling done. He told me that it was going to be a rough few days but after about 3 days of no nursing, Truitt wouldn't even ask for it even more. He told me though that the longer I go the better it is but to TRY to not feel guilty and to be very proud because not many people are willing to go through all the work of breastfeeding and let alone go 18 months for their babes. I don't think we will quit this month but I really think if I leave it to him to self wean he will go past 2. I guess we will just go week by week and see what works for us and when it's the right time.

As for T-man, he is sooooo busy. He loves riding on anything with wheels and still enjoys playing with his cars and any ball he can find. He doesn't say any phrases but has around 20 words. He is very attentive and will try to lock the door with keys, turn on the washing machine, help buckle his seat belt and mimic many other things (good and bad) that we do. He absolutely loves his baby cousin and he is quite the lover with any of his friends. Sometimes his hugs and kisses aren't well received by other kids and he gets his feelings hurt.

The last two canines just broke through the gumline so we are now at 16 teeth!

We are almost solely in cloth but he can wear a size 4 diaper, his shirts are 18M-2T, rompers are 24M and shorts are 12M. Crazy but his swim trunks that fit best are 6-9M!!!

Truitt, mommy loves you so much and you fill my life with joy. Thank you for being my sweet little man!


  1. OMG he got so big, i hope he weans easily on his own without issues, Samantha u should be SO PROUD that u nursed him that long, i'm pretty jealous, Loui stopped at 1 year :( most mothers don't do it for so long, i don't see why u feel guilty at all! u did an incredible job Mama...

  2. What a big boy! I agree with Noha, you should be very proud of yourself. I often look back and wished that I would have nursed Yorlee longer. What a great mom! I plan to nurse my little guy for at least a year.

  3. If you get pregnant before you wean, he may wean on his own... I'll be 20 weeks on Sunday and Elah hasn't nursed in a week. She just stopped asking and never asked before naps or bedtime... I think because it's starting to change to colostrum she just lost interest. You never know! Happy 18 months Truitt!

  4. I nursed my son until just after his second birthday. My family had come to visit us so he was distracted and never asked for it. I was shocked at how easy it was for us. I hope it goes just as easy for you!