Saturday, June 16, 2012

Signs? Maybe not....

Still no positive OPK. I've been taking them approximately 12hrs apart around 9am and 9pm and the test line has gotten close being dark enough twice (2 days ago and 5days ago) but not a positive. I DID notice some classic EWCM Wednesday but it seems to have been a one time thing. I have had a few sharp twinges on both my left and right side but honestly, they could be from anything. The last symptom of ovulation is I have felt very tender, especially when I bend forward. This sounds like a great sign but in bootcamp we have worked lower abs so it very well could just be muscle soreness and nothing else.

The only thing else that it's worth mentioning is that after intercourse I am using a SoftCup. They're meant as menstural products but quite a few TTCers contribute their bfp success to the cups. Basically, right after sex you insert it and it keeps the swimmers up by your cervix and stops them from leaking out. Gross yes, practical- absolutely! The cup wasn't bad at all and I'm actually considering making the switch from pads and tampons if i ever get a regular cycle!

So, today is CD20 and I go in Monday (cd23- one day before I O'd with T)for bloodwork to check my progesterone. Then I guess it's just a waiting game....


  1. Good luck with the SoftCup! Never used it myself, but have heard of a lot of people that have. I hope you ovulate soon!!! :fingerscrossed:

  2. Sometimes close enough is good enough. I've had one occasion where the positive I got was not quite positive but I know ovulated off it because my temp spiked afterwards. Whatever happens with your bloods, remember that if you've ovulated late your progesterone may be quite yucky. Give it time...particularly if you think it may yet still be to come. Paid off with Mr T. ;-)