Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Not even close

Dr P's office just called and my progesterone (Monday, CD22) was only 0.4... After ovulation it should be at 5 or above. So now I'm waiting for a call back on if I need to wait a week until I'm "late" with a negative pregnancy test or if I can go ahead and start the provera now. We will be bumping the clomid up to 100mg and keeping it on cd5-9. Hopefully next month will be what we need and we will be blessed with our spring baby!

In the meantime, I am trying my best to slowly and gently wean Truitt. He is nursing once a day (at nap time) and at bedtime and then once or twice throughout the night. He has mostly led us to this but there are a few times during the day when he seems bored and will ask to nurse. I redirect him and if he continues to ask then I will let him.

I'm also keeping up with bootcamp and while I'm not losing weight I can definitely tell I'm gaining endurance and losing inches. A month ago when I started I couldn't jog at all but now I can easily make it 1/4 mile at a time (between stations). I know that doesn't sound like much but it is great compared to where I started 4wks ago! Also, I have some jeans that are NOT mom jeans- hit my waist a little lower and have NO stretch in them and I haven't been able to wear them comfortably since gaining my WW pants. I wore them Saturday and they looked and felt great! So I know it's doing some bit of good!


  1. Fingers crossed for you that your next cycle will bring a bfp!

  2. Ouch! Yeah, no good. PITA having to wait so long but who knows... the waiting paid off last time. It ain't over til it is over. Otherwise, hopefully the 100mg is just what you need to get those eggs ticking over. :-)

    Great to hear you are doing well in the fitness world too. It's addictive stuff!