Monday, June 11, 2012

Better luck next month

Well my decent 12mm follicle either disappeared or stopped growing and shrunk back down to 9mm. He said that can happen and he suspects it shrunk. Also my uterine lining was only .65 and needs to be around 1.0. SO, go back in a week for a progesterone draw to see where it's at and unless it's indicative of ovulation I will start provera the last week of the month and bump up to 100mg of clomid next cycle. I am disappointed but didn't expect this month to work. E is actually far more bummed about it. He wants another little guy or girl in our family!


  1. I have a lot of experience with shrinking/disappearing follicles. It's disappointing, but at least you were prepared for the eventuality that it may not work. I didn't do anything at all on 50mg of clomid. In fact, clomid alone was just totally useless for me.

    I'm confused about your lining. .65... .65 what? Usually they measure it in mm, but .65 mm is crazy nonexistent. But if it/s .65cm, that would be 6.5 mm and that is not a terrible lining. 8mm is a great lining. Mine were always around 14mm, which was pretty thick!

  2. My guess is .65cm so 6.5mm and wanting it to be 10mm bc he actually told me 1.2 and .9 for my follicles and then said "12mm".

    Any ideas on what Causes them to shrink? I am starting to worry that breastfeeding is hurting us!

    1. 6.5mm isn't a terrible lining...

      I have no idea what causes them to shrink. I don't think anybody really knows. I wasn't BFing when I was TTC Noah, obviously, and I had soooo many shrinking follicles. And this time I WAS BFing, but we were using the big guns and I only had to have the one u/s that showed 6 mature follicles, and then I got pregnant.

      I DO know that I had shrinking/disappearing follicles whether or not I was still injecting myself with FSH. Ovaries are tricky things...

  3. My doc always measured in cm too, but I always refer to it as mm because everyone in the IF world does. :)

    Sorry about the shrinking follie. BUMMER! I hope next cycle is better for you!

  4. Sorry to hear mate. :-( I was hopeful you would get to pull it off again this time. Hope the 100mg does the trick next time. xxx

  5. I feel ya, Sam! Hugs from afar, lady! I hope your next cycle goes better!!!!