Sunday, June 24, 2012

Let's get this party started!

At my CD12 ultrasound I asked Dr P if I should be on Metformin to help treat the PCOS and he said we'd discuss it if this cycle was a bust. Previously my glucose levels have been really good and I don't seem to have insulin resistance so I hadn't been on it. I have been doing a lot of (googling) research and keep reading that even if you don't have IR, Metformin can still help lots. One site said that it caused 45% of women with PCOS to start cycling regularly without any other meds! Also, it's really supposed to help clomid do it's job. All of this, plus a phone call now has me a prescription!

Dr P wrote for me to start with 1000mg but from what I hear, it can reek havoc on your gut (plus I'm on an antibiotic for a sinus infection) so I'm starting myself with just 1 500mg pill a day. So far, so good today. I'll begin my provera on Wednesday so CD1 should be the 2nd or 3rd week in July. By that time I'll be on 1000mg of Metformin so I'm hoping that the Met combine with 100mg of Clomid will do the trick and get us our spring baby.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Not even close

Dr P's office just called and my progesterone (Monday, CD22) was only 0.4... After ovulation it should be at 5 or above. So now I'm waiting for a call back on if I need to wait a week until I'm "late" with a negative pregnancy test or if I can go ahead and start the provera now. We will be bumping the clomid up to 100mg and keeping it on cd5-9. Hopefully next month will be what we need and we will be blessed with our spring baby!

In the meantime, I am trying my best to slowly and gently wean Truitt. He is nursing once a day (at nap time) and at bedtime and then once or twice throughout the night. He has mostly led us to this but there are a few times during the day when he seems bored and will ask to nurse. I redirect him and if he continues to ask then I will let him.

I'm also keeping up with bootcamp and while I'm not losing weight I can definitely tell I'm gaining endurance and losing inches. A month ago when I started I couldn't jog at all but now I can easily make it 1/4 mile at a time (between stations). I know that doesn't sound like much but it is great compared to where I started 4wks ago! Also, I have some jeans that are NOT mom jeans- hit my waist a little lower and have NO stretch in them and I haven't been able to wear them comfortably since gaining my WW pants. I wore them Saturday and they looked and felt great! So I know it's doing some bit of good!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

20 opks

And not a single positive...

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Signs? Maybe not....

Still no positive OPK. I've been taking them approximately 12hrs apart around 9am and 9pm and the test line has gotten close being dark enough twice (2 days ago and 5days ago) but not a positive. I DID notice some classic EWCM Wednesday but it seems to have been a one time thing. I have had a few sharp twinges on both my left and right side but honestly, they could be from anything. The last symptom of ovulation is I have felt very tender, especially when I bend forward. This sounds like a great sign but in bootcamp we have worked lower abs so it very well could just be muscle soreness and nothing else.

The only thing else that it's worth mentioning is that after intercourse I am using a SoftCup. They're meant as menstural products but quite a few TTCers contribute their bfp success to the cups. Basically, right after sex you insert it and it keeps the swimmers up by your cervix and stops them from leaking out. Gross yes, practical- absolutely! The cup wasn't bad at all and I'm actually considering making the switch from pads and tampons if i ever get a regular cycle!

So, today is CD20 and I go in Monday (cd23- one day before I O'd with T)for bloodwork to check my progesterone. Then I guess it's just a waiting game....

Monday, June 11, 2012

Better luck next month

Well my decent 12mm follicle either disappeared or stopped growing and shrunk back down to 9mm. He said that can happen and he suspects it shrunk. Also my uterine lining was only .65 and needs to be around 1.0. SO, go back in a week for a progesterone draw to see where it's at and unless it's indicative of ovulation I will start provera the last week of the month and bump up to 100mg of clomid next cycle. I am disappointed but didn't expect this month to work. E is actually far more bummed about it. He wants another little guy or girl in our family!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Better than I thought

Well something did happen- just not enough! I have one dominant follicle on my left that's at 12mm. Ideally we want it close to 20. He wants me back in on Monday for another ultrasound and we will go from there.

I asked if there was any alternative to Provera so that I don't have to wait to be late, wait through 10 days of pills and then wait for my period to start but he said unfortunately there isn't...

I also asked if I should be on Metformin since I do have PCOS even though I don't show insulin resistance and he said he may consider it next cycle if this doesn't work.

So now it's just wait and see. Happy thoughts of growing to little follicle in the left!

And so we meet again

Waiting for cd12 ultrasound as I type this.... Update soon although I'm thinking we will see nothing in there. I had ZERO side effects of clomid this go around!

Friday, June 1, 2012

CD5/Clomid Day 1

Dear eggs- please start growing. Ovaries, you haven't had to work since 27 months ago so please get your act together!