Saturday, May 5, 2012

Still no O

CD22 and still showing low fertility on the CBE monitor. Ive read that you won't always get accurate results if you have PCOS and seeing as I've gone through twice as many sticks as "normal" I will not be using it next cycle! The newest plan is call for more provera and 50mg of clomid in about 10days. I'm hoping we can do the CD12 monitoring the same day I go in for my yearly because it's about that time. I'm going to talk to Dr P to see if US monitoring is even necessary because our mammoth deductible still hasn't been met so we will have to pay out of pocket for it. Plus, last time the CD12 showed no follicles but we still conceived... Just 10 days later than expected.

The majority of my due date buddies from T's pregnancy (both bloggy and IRL) are already pregnant again and the smug infertile is starting to come out a little bit... I just wish I could be one of *those* people that get pregnant just like that. Such is life and hopefully we are just a few months away.

In other news, T has another ear infection but since it's been so long since he's had one we aren't heading to the ENT just yet. He's up to 23.0lbs! Daddy took him without me and he said that Dr L was impressed with our attentiveness because "most parents" wouldn't have realized he had an ear infection from the behavior he described, but what can I say, we know our kid :) It made both of ya swell with pride even if he says that to all of his parents!


  1. I know I told you this before but I didn't O until CD26 the cycle we got pregnant with Carter and I was on 150mg Clomid, so you never know. And I agree with you, I suddenly feel like so many ppl are pregnant with baby #2. Am I just noticing it more or is there something going around in the water? ;)

  2. The other thing to consider Sam is that you are still BFing. Some women just will not ovulate when there is much as a drop of prolactin above what is normal for them. The LH type tests are more likely to be inaccurate for showing more positives with PCOS rather than the other way around but it depends on what sort of PCOS you have too.

  3. Hey, sorry things aren't going exactly as planned, but there's still tons of hope!!

    also, I know what you mean about the jealously. I just found out tonight that a close friend (who for all I know is secretly an IFer) is preg with her first. cue: silent pain. no one - not even husbands - understands the scars left on our hearts even after our first loves were born. hugs