Saturday, May 26, 2012

CD43, or is it?

(this was written last night- I have sense retested and it a BFN)

It's actually kind of funny that today shows should be my day I ovulate had last cycle only been 28 days. Really, if I had a normal length cycle I'd already be halfway through my second one whereas I'm still somewhere in my first.

Here comes the dilemma. I took a hpt 10 days ago before starting the provera and it was negative. I took one a few days ago and it was negative. I took one this morning and it was negative- until I looked at it a few hours later. If you recall, this same thing happened when I found out I was pregnant with Truitt. So I made E run to the store and buy another test and retook it even though I had just had 2 diet cokes at lunch and recently peed and it was negative.. My guess is it has to be an evaporation line but my mind is all over the place right now!

Also, timing does NOT make sense. I started 4/14 and did opks on cd5-20 and never got a positive. We most recently had sex on 5/7 and then not again until 5/22 (I know, not great for baby trying but when you're not ovulating-that you know of-it's hard to make it work with E's schedule) so had we conceived on the 7th the test should've been much darker and obviously positive and had it happened the 22nd then it would still be too early to be getting a positive hpt.

Maybe you're wondering why I tested today? Well that would be because I'm a POAS addict. Also, my face is a connect-the-dots with Zits disaster, much like when I was first pregnant with T. Last week I took a nap with T twice and I haven't done that in forever. My nipples have been sore when T's nursing. Annnd I've been really hot.

All of those things can be explained logically and not including pregnancy because I'm working out now which would explain the zits (sweating) and being tired. T is teething and getting lazy with his latch so that could be why I have sore nips and it's already 90* outside so no wonder I'm hot.

Tonight should be my last provera but I decided that I'll wait until I wake in the middle of the night to pee and POAS then. Negative, I'll take it and come back to bed; positive, I won't!

I don't want to post this just yet but I do want my thoughts documented. This post was written at 9:00pm on May 26th

So now that I retested and it's negative I took my last provera about 9 hours later than normal so hopefully I didn't mess too much up. Now, once again, we wait for cd1. Then I will start 50mg clomid cd5-9 and go in to have an ultrasound on cd12. Wait, wait, wait....

Top test is 3wks5days with Truitt, bottom test was yesterday


  1. ugh Samantha, I'm sorry to hear that! my "cycles" TTC Clara were so messed up I was always POAS too.
    fingers crossed it will be SOON for you :)

  2. Good luck lovely! :-) I'll be stalking you. xx

  3. Oh no! I was so hoping that this was a BFP post! Praying the the next cycle works for you, I can't wait to read about Truitt being a big brother!! :-)