Monday, May 28, 2012


Can I get a woohoo?!?!?

Calling the dr in the morning but it's looking like I'll start 50mg clomid Friday and go in for an ultrasound next Friday. Come on March '13 baby!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

CD43, or is it?

(this was written last night- I have sense retested and it a BFN)

It's actually kind of funny that today shows should be my day I ovulate had last cycle only been 28 days. Really, if I had a normal length cycle I'd already be halfway through my second one whereas I'm still somewhere in my first.

Here comes the dilemma. I took a hpt 10 days ago before starting the provera and it was negative. I took one a few days ago and it was negative. I took one this morning and it was negative- until I looked at it a few hours later. If you recall, this same thing happened when I found out I was pregnant with Truitt. So I made E run to the store and buy another test and retook it even though I had just had 2 diet cokes at lunch and recently peed and it was negative.. My guess is it has to be an evaporation line but my mind is all over the place right now!

Also, timing does NOT make sense. I started 4/14 and did opks on cd5-20 and never got a positive. We most recently had sex on 5/7 and then not again until 5/22 (I know, not great for baby trying but when you're not ovulating-that you know of-it's hard to make it work with E's schedule) so had we conceived on the 7th the test should've been much darker and obviously positive and had it happened the 22nd then it would still be too early to be getting a positive hpt.

Maybe you're wondering why I tested today? Well that would be because I'm a POAS addict. Also, my face is a connect-the-dots with Zits disaster, much like when I was first pregnant with T. Last week I took a nap with T twice and I haven't done that in forever. My nipples have been sore when T's nursing. Annnd I've been really hot.

All of those things can be explained logically and not including pregnancy because I'm working out now which would explain the zits (sweating) and being tired. T is teething and getting lazy with his latch so that could be why I have sore nips and it's already 90* outside so no wonder I'm hot.

Tonight should be my last provera but I decided that I'll wait until I wake in the middle of the night to pee and POAS then. Negative, I'll take it and come back to bed; positive, I won't!

I don't want to post this just yet but I do want my thoughts documented. This post was written at 9:00pm on May 26th

So now that I retested and it's negative I took my last provera about 9 hours later than normal so hopefully I didn't mess too much up. Now, once again, we wait for cd1. Then I will start 50mg clomid cd5-9 and go in to have an ultrasound on cd12. Wait, wait, wait....

Top test is 3wks5days with Truitt, bottom test was yesterday

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Welcome to teething hell

T is working on his last 1st year molar and his first canine. I got a good luck in there today and YOWTCH! Poor baby has a blood blister between the gum and tooth. Tomorrow I'm going to get some clove oil (mix 3 drops to 1/2tsp coconut or Olive oil) because the teething tablets, Tylenol, and Advil aren't helping enough :( hopefully thy will break through soon and he will get some relief!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012


And (another) negative hpt. I really didn't have any hope this cycle because I'm certain I didn't ovulate. Anyway, the PLAN- start provera tonight and take for 10 days, wait on cd1 to come 3-10 days later, 50mg Clomid CD5-9, ultrasound follicle check CD12. Same exact as the cycle when we conceived T! I asked if we could bump to 100mg since we O'd 10 days late with the 50 but they said no. I also asked if we could skip the ultrasound and just do opk's since we haven't met our deductible and the US will essentially be out of pocket but he wants to do it this cycle to check for cysts and such and then maybe next time we can skip it. Fingers crossed but I feel like we were so lucky by conceiving T on our first clomid cycle that there's no way it'll happen again!I need to stop thinking like that!

So I got off track of weight watchers back in November and slowly gained back 12 of the 20lbs I had lost. When we started talking IF meds again I got back on and last week I lost 3.8lbs! This week I have not been eating like I should and I'm praying for not a gain but I think I've messed that up! I am currently 10lbs under what I was wen we conceived T.

I also started a Baby boot camp work out class this week. I bought a 1/2 priced voucher for it at the end of march but like most things, I kept putting it off. Well I finally went Monday (and yesterday) and I'm loving it! It's a 1.2 mile trail around a lake and we start off walking/jogging/running while pushing our babes in their strollers. Every so often (I think 4-5 times) we stop in an open area of the trail and do exercises. Lunges to pushups to resistance bands to abs. When I woke up Tuesday I thought I was going to cry with how sore I was but it worked out throughout the day and then today in only a little tender in my chest and shoulders. I've NEVER been one to workout but I really hope I keep up with this and get healthy. The class accommodates pregnancy but just altering some of the exercises so I'm hoping I'll stay with it and it will help me achieve a healthy pregnancy and a vbac! Speaking of vbac, I really need to blog about that soon...

As for now I guess that's it because my monkey is crawling all over me. I dare not try to blog from the computer because he is all about trying to type too so I'm sticking to my phone!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Still no O

CD22 and still showing low fertility on the CBE monitor. Ive read that you won't always get accurate results if you have PCOS and seeing as I've gone through twice as many sticks as "normal" I will not be using it next cycle! The newest plan is call for more provera and 50mg of clomid in about 10days. I'm hoping we can do the CD12 monitoring the same day I go in for my yearly because it's about that time. I'm going to talk to Dr P to see if US monitoring is even necessary because our mammoth deductible still hasn't been met so we will have to pay out of pocket for it. Plus, last time the CD12 showed no follicles but we still conceived... Just 10 days later than expected.

The majority of my due date buddies from T's pregnancy (both bloggy and IRL) are already pregnant again and the smug infertile is starting to come out a little bit... I just wish I could be one of *those* people that get pregnant just like that. Such is life and hopefully we are just a few months away.

In other news, T has another ear infection but since it's been so long since he's had one we aren't heading to the ENT just yet. He's up to 23.0lbs! Daddy took him without me and he said that Dr L was impressed with our attentiveness because "most parents" wouldn't have realized he had an ear infection from the behavior he described, but what can I say, we know our kid :) It made both of ya swell with pride even if he says that to all of his parents!