Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mumbled jumbled thoughts

Goodness me, molars are TERRIBLE!  I noticed that he was teething again around Easter weekend and his upper left poked through on the 11th.  His upper right will be in any day an the bottom right is a big swollen mess!  He is terribly clingy, temperamental AND wanting to nurse all of the time. We haven't had to deal with teeth since Christmas and I wasn't looking forward to these... hopefully they will be in soon and my little man will be happy and not hurting!

We have a new baby niece.  SIL was induced on the 9th (she was 41wks) and she was born about 7 hours later.  She is absolutely beautiful!  SIL seems to be coming around and is actually exclussively pumping for H which is more than I ever thought that she would do.  BIL is absolutely head over heals with his baby girl!  SIL has been texting me asking some pumping questions and we have been a little nicer than civil.  I think she still has me blocked from her posts on fb but I don't want to make a fuss about it and lose having a  relationship with H.

I am on CD5!  I finished the provera and to my surprise started spotting Saturday morning.  I was expecting a hellishly heavy period but I had no cramps and very low flow.  I am using the fertility monitor and hoping for ovulation but expecting that i'll need to take provera again and then we'll do Clomid next cycle. Unfortunately with the 10days of pills and then the waiting time it looks like the next cycle won't be until the first of June...but that would still be a spring baby so I'm hopeful!

I've decided to hold off on the sleep training for now because I'm not ready for Truitt to be out of our bed at night.  I don't want to force him to wean before he's ready (or before Clomid dries me up) and I know that sleep training will do that... so for now we're keeping things like they are!

Trying to think if there's anything else and I can't think of anything...

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  1. very excited for you :)
    I just got my first pp period in March, a month after weaning Clara. omg, not fun. ha ha

    we need some new Truitt pics!