Monday, April 2, 2012

I'm back!

Wow, I didn't realize it had been so long since I've blogged.  My Thirty-One business is off to a GREAT start and I am BUSY so anytime that I have on the computer I have been spending working on it.

Truitt is now FIFTEEN MONTHS OLD.  I honestly cannot believe it!  We just got back from his well visit and he's up to 22.8lbs (50%) and 33in (95%),  All is well health wise and for once his ears are crystal clear.  If we can keep them that way for the next month or so we can avoid tubes which is such a relief for me!  I know he will most likely need them but I'm hoping we can get through swimming lessons without them!  The only thing we are slightly worried (and by we I mean I) about is his legs are pretty bowed.  It's called tibial torsion and as long as his feet and ankles are moving normally, which they are, he will most likely outgrow it by about two.  I think the biggest reason why I'm noticing it so much now is that he's in shorts all of the time so his legs are more visible.  Dr L said 20 yrs ago he would've been put in braces but they've found out that the braces don't do much more than gravity and standing do.

His newest favorite things include knocking on the door, opening doors, chasing the dogs, purshing buttons, taking off his diapers (even the snaps on our cloth ones!), and throwing toddler tantrums. One simple "no" can send him into a screaming, crying, flailing fit! What a temper on this little boy! He absolutely LOVES playing outside and gets very disappointed when it's raining out.

Speech is about the same and his regular words include, Hello, Bye, Dog, Ball, More, Milk, Mama, Dada, Nose and No.  I was thinking he should be saying more but our doctor assured us that this is plenty and up until 18 month it can be normal to have no words as long as they "point and grunt" which he does just fine.  I'm guessing he is trying to say "that" but he points and makes a "hmm?" noise.  He also has started throwing his arms in the air and saying "huh?" when you ask him a question that he doesn't know the answer to!

Truitt will go to the pantry and try to open the doors when he is hungry, he will bring you his shoes and try to put them on when he wants to go outside, he will pickup the dog food and feed it to Emma and Sophie.  He's figured out how to blow raspberries on your belly (or on my boob!) and loves grabbing your nose/ears/pointing to your eyes when you ask where they are.

Truitt is still nursing 2-3 times during the day, at bedtime and then a few times overnight but- LAST NIGHT HE WENT FROM 9:45pm-6:30am WITHOUT NURSING OR WAKING!  15 months old and he finally slept through the night! Tonight will show if it was a fluke or if this is really happening!  Typically he's been sleeping from 8pm-2am and then will nurse around 2, 5, and 7 and then wake for the day at 9(!).  He normally naps at 11 and 2.

We are going to be working with a sleep trainer to get him into his crib and so he can fall asleep on his own starting in a week or two.  I am looking forward to the extra me time so I can spend it on 31 and finally get back into blogging regularly!!!

And now for the really exciting news... I have a prescription for Provera waiting for me at the pharmacy!!! I talked to T's dr today about our options because I had heard that Femara may be safe while nursing.  He (and I) did a lot of research and we weren't able to find much infomation on the safety of it so we will not be going that route.  We took clomid to conceive Truitt but the problem with it is that it will almost certainly dry up your milk... I have NO desire to nurse during pregnancy so I'm ok with it but I just want things to be easy on Truitt.  He said that with no milk Truitt won't have much interest in nursing so weaning will be much easier than trying to wean now.  SO THE PLAN- I will start provera in the next few days and should start my first postpartum period within 2 weeks of finishing the pills.  We will then hope for ovulation.  Most likely I will not ovulate and if I haven't gotten a bfp or a period by CD40(ish) we will start provera again and then do 50mg of clomid cd5-9.  HERE WE GO!


  1. Good luck! It was about time you updated us:)

  2. Good luck lovely! Looots going on for you right now! I hope you don't get Clomid rage! LOL! xxx

  3. Good luck!! So exciting to be TTC again!

  4. Good luck Samantha, and I'm so happy T is doing so good :)