Thursday, February 9, 2012

This, that, and the other.

Well we were back at the doctor yesterday.  Truitt woke up yesterday morning and his eye was matted shut again and his eye was red.  He has also been very cranky all weekend and when he cries he grabs his ear so I was worried the ear infection wasn't gone. He weighed at 22.4lbs(!) with his clothes, sweater and shoes on.  Sure enough, the ear infection has not cleared.  The top of the ear drum is clear but the bottom was still very inflamed, red and full of pus.  The eye matting was from the residual pus needing somewhere to seep out-I know that's gross!  Anyway, we got another antibiotic to try. Dr L says it looks like we're heading towards tubes but his hope is that we can get through virus season wihtout another infection and HOPEFULLY he will outgrow it this summer.  I find some comfort in knowing that all of my mommy friends that have had a baby get tubes say it makes a world of differce but still hope we won't need it. 

We started organic whole cow's milk a few weeks ago and Truitt showed very little interst in it.  He'd take a few sips at meals but wasn't too into it.  It also gave him HORRIBLE diapers.  We grocery shop at walmart but go through the weekly ads for the local grocery stores and use the ad comps so when I saw Silk Almond, Soy, Rice, and Coconut milk for sale for only $2.99 I decided to try it! I am not comfortable giving my son soy and I wasn't sure about Almond seeing as he hasn't had nuts yet; Rice milk is really lacking in nutrients so we went with Coconut milk AND BOY IT'S DELICOUS!!! Truitt loves it too and will drink about 1/3-1/2 cup at meal time.  Nutrient wise is is pretty comparable to cow's milk but there isn't much protein in it.  I've been mixing some of the whole milk just to get rid of it and so far the diapers have been ok!

I have been off of the minipill for almost 8weeks now and still no period.  I haven't had a period since the cycle we conceived Truitt and that was 3/18/2010..almost 23 months ago!  Dr P had said that I could call to start Provera 6wks after stopping the pill or weaning, whichever happened later.  Before Truitt got so sick last week he was down to just nursing 3x a day and then as he fell asleep and a few times over night.  Now we are back to probably 5-6 times a day.  Once I know he's feeling better I will do where I try to redirect him to something else when he asks to nurse and trying to get him to nap without nursing first.  Idealy I'd love for him to wean in March and then start Provera in mid-late April.  A spring '13 baby sounds fantastic.   Also, I'd really like to lose 10-20 more pounds before conceiving.  I'm sitting at 20lbs under my prepregnancy weight.  I had lost what I gained over Thanksgiving but then E was off of work for 2 weeks over Christmas and I gained it back again.  I've now lost that and am sitting at the same weight. I did sign up for a baby bootcamp and that starts in a few weeks!

So far my Thirty-One business is going great! I have had one "come&go" and two parties and have earned my first incentive for free already.  I'm hoping to earn all three stages for free so hopefully I will get more parties booked soon!  I am LOVING the adult interaction and having something to do again.  Being a SAHM is an absolulte blessing and I wouldn't change it for anything but I love having some purpose outside of the house as well!


  1. Hmmm... I can't see why you would need to not be nursing while taking Provera. It's just progesterone. You should look it up on It doesn't seem to have any adverse affects at all.

    If you don't mind weaning, that's one thing. I just hate to see people wean when they don't want to AND they don't have to, but they've been told they do.

    1. I don't think I Want to be nursing while pregnant. I know that is selfish but I am already so touched out most of the time with how often he nurses that I just want my body to rest a little bit before noirshing another baby through pregnancy and then breastfeeding.

    2. As long as YOU are comfortable with it! Like I said, I just hate for people to feel like they HAVE to be done nursing (for medical reasons) before they try to get pregnant.

  2. Audrey loved milk the first time we gave it to her, but we noticed it seemed to upset her stomach in the beginning. Her doctor suggested we switch to 1%, then transition slowly to 2% and then whole. She is drinking whole milk now at breakfast and lunch, but we're still avoiding it at dinner so it doesn't give her a stomach ache at night. And the diapers get better once their body gets used to it. Good luck!

  3. Just catching up on blogs and am so excited that you are TTC #2!!! I hope it is much faster for you this time! I'm still BFing too and won't be TTC again until Octoberish probably, but I am so anxious to see if my cycles come back since I didn't have any while TTC Mags!