Tuesday, February 28, 2012

14 Months!!!

So you aren't missing anything- I didn't do a 13 month post.  It's no excuse but I have been SO busy and blogging definitely had to take a back seat.  So, here and on time is Truitt's 14 month post!!!

Approximately 22 lbs (at the doctor last week with clothes and shoes on)

12-18Month Clothes
Size 4 Diapers

Size 6 Shoes

Unfortunately Truitt has been sick a lot the past two months.  He has had a terrible ear infection that took two rounds of antibiotics to clear.  Three weeks later he caught a nasty cold while we were in Louisiana and that has yet again made his ear unhappy.  Our ped really wants to try to make it through the summer before needing tubes since he most likely will be infection free until the fall.  I'm hoping he outgrows it completely over the summer and we don't need them period!  Thanks to all of the antibiotics and traveling we've been in disposables more than cloth :(  Truitt is now in size 4s becuase the 3s were too short and showed his baby butt crack!  As for shoes- we went to StrideRite and monster foot is now in a 6! For clothes, the 12M stuff is too short but 18M is REALLY big so we're in between.  Either he has high waters or he is a saggy baggy mess!

Truitt has discovered what it is to be strong willed.  Oh goodness.  When he's mad he now throws.  E thought it was really cute until he had a (empty) coffee mug in his hand and when we told him to give it to us he smiled and chunked it onto the tile floor.  Speaking of asking him to do things, Truitt will now bring you something (Truitt, bring me your truck/ball/cup etc), come to you and if you tell him to stop he will run away and shriek!  He will also collapse while you're picking him up and throw his head backwards if he doesn't want to be picked up.  He has the funniest fake cry.

Truitt is a GREAT eater! For breakfast he typically is eating dry cheerios, fruit and drinking coconut milk out of a straw cup.  On weekends E usually makes a big breakfast with eggs, biscuits and some sort of meat and T loves those mornings!  Lunch is normally left overs but it seems he will eat some sort of meat (normally chicken or turkey), veggie, cheese and carb.  For supper he eats whatever we do.  Snacks are almost always yogurt as well as fruit and some sort of cracker.  T is still nursing quite a bit. I know he CAN go a while without it becuase on Saturday I was doing a 31 party and was gone from 9:30-3:30 and he was obviously fine.
Sleep is going SO much better now that the ear infection is gone.  He will fall asleep nursing between 7:30 and 8:30 and wake up once between 2-3 to nurse and then again around 6.  Lately he hasn't been waking up until 8! It is FANTASTIC!!! He will typically nap around 10 and then again at 2, both for anywhere from 30min-2 hours.  Napping is still on our chest or in our lap but I'm ok with that for now.  I love my snuggle bunny!

No new words lately but he babbles a LOT!  Everything is a "doe" (dog) but we correct him with the right word.  He still signs more but nothing else.  The cutest thing is putting our phone (or remote) up to his ear saying "lo?" and then babbling a full conversation.  He also blows on his food when we say that it's hot! I really think my favorite thing though is him wiping his nose and his mouth.  Such a sweet doll!

I think that's about it! I will try to update asap on our vacay to lousiana and more pics.


  1. Sorry he's been so sick! I hope he is healthy as a horse for months 15 and 16... and on! Elliot will also bring us things if we ask, and I think it's the cutest. He has done the whole arch his back and go limp thing if you try to pick him up about... twice. Because he is ALWAYS willing to be picked up/carried! Literally!

  2. 14 months already! Where does the time go!?! I was finally able to get my blog back up and I couldn't believe it had been almost 2 months! I hope your little guy gets to feeling better soon, ear infections are never fun.

  3. I want breakfast at your house! lol He can do so much now, talking, fake crying.LOL I bet he's a character!