Monday, January 30, 2012

Sickity sick!

Sorry for the delay in updating.  So, I called the doctor's office as soon as they opened the phone lines and said I need an early appointment or needed to know what Urgent Care center to go to- luckily 8:30 was open so I finished getting ready and headed up there.  Soon after we got on the road Truitt sneezed and from what I could tell from the mirror he had snot ALL over his face.  I tried to wipe it as best as I could while driving and when we got to the doctor's office I still had a lot of cleaning up to do!  Anyway, he's up to 21.2lbs with clothes and shoes on.  Dr L opened the door and said "that's pink eye" before he was even in the room.  He also has a terrible ear infection.  He's guessing that it started out viral, probably in his adenoids since Saturday I started up with a very sore throat that means I most likely caught it from him, and then turned bacterial in his ear.  The type of bacteria that caused the infection happens to be what triggered the pink eye too.  We are still very early into the pink-eye since his eyeballs aren't yet pink but had we not gone in it would have been raging soon enough.  So he's on an oral antibiotic for the ear and an eyedrop antibiotic as well.  Do you know how hard it is to get a drop in a baby's swollen eye? Plus, the stuff is as thick as honey!!!  To make matters even better he busted the heck out of his top lip this afternoon.  He was running around and went mouth first into the coffee table.  Lips bleed a LOT! Luckily, or amazingly, he isn't seeming to be too bothered by any of this!  Thank you for all of the prayers and well wishes.

PS I'm working on an update about my evil SIL! Shower was this past weekend and whoaaaaa!


  1. Oh my gosh, the poor kid!

    I can't wait to hear about your SIL. I love updates like that. haha

  2. Your poor little guy :( I hope he's getting all the sickies out of the way for you now and you'll have smooth sailing later on (wishful thinking, but you guys seem to be getting slammed!)

    Our little dudes weigh about the same :) Wylie was 21.12 at his 13 month appt.

  3. Poor guy!! I feel your pain on the eye drops. We've had to use them in and off for months with Ellie's clogged tear duct and infections. It's no kind of fun! Hope he's feeling better soon!

  4. His pictures were so sad looking:(. I hope the medicine clears it up quickly!!! Also, I was about to message you and ask privately about your SIL because I've been dying to know!! You mentioned those FB statuses a while back and I'm excited to hear everything that happened!

  5. OMG poor baby, I'm so sorry, I hope and pray you'll get better fast, I'm srry Samantha, I know it must be hard on you as well, it hurts us more I think when our little men are sick, May God heal him fast and give u the strength to take care of him, Loui and I are going through a double cold as well, but not so serious, Get better Truitt :-) he is such a big boy.