Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Blogging Goal

Lately my blogging has been lacking and I really miss it so I'm going to try something. At the start of the month I'd like to list some blogs that I hope to get to write within the month. Hopefully that will keep me accountable!
* Birthday Party post (as soon as I get the pics from the photographer this will be up!)
*Favorite gifts from Christmas/Bday
*A Day in Life on a One Year Old and His Stay At Home Momma
*Where we Stand on TTC #2
*Weight Watcher Update (ps there isn't much to update just that I gained a lot over Thanksgiving and had just lost it back and then E was home for 2wks and I gained 4 of it back. Hopefully by the time I get to this post I will have lost the 4 and then some!)
*My new journey with direct sales!

So please stay tuned and bare with me!!!


  1. I've been really remiss in posting lately! I still have Izzy's 8 month post to do as well as an update since I haven't posted in so long. Love your updates xxx

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  3. Hi there,

    I feel the same way at times. My blog is left to its lonesome many times and I miss posting. I'm back at it full swing now so been checking out new blogs.

    I'm a new follower. I do hope you'll come by and check out my blog too. Thanks


  4. SAMANTHAAAA, thank you for ur sweet comments always, first, happy birthday Truitt, he is such a big boy! very grown, very smart, may God keep him safe, healthy and happy always I can't wait till I see his birthday pics, we are planning Loui's party not, sounds like it will be bigger than we expected! second, good job on losing weight, Jamel and I had an agreement that i'd lose 30 lb before we got pregnant again, too bad i was already pregnant when we made that deal and we didn't know! I'm a bit worried about my weight, i pretty much only lost 7 lb after loui's birth, so i'm WAY overweight, third, YES, we are 10 weeks! we can't believe it either, still shocked but getting excited, Loui doesn't seem to notice anything, he nurses the same no issues with the milk thank God, and fourth, good luck TTC#2 I pray it won't be too long before I hear about how u found out you guys are expecting again :-)