Thursday, January 19, 2012

12 month well visit...

Three weeks late! Truitt is up to 20.6lbs (we graduate to the big boy scale that he just stands on instead of the infant scale so no more ounces) and 31in tall! His head circumferance is 18.5in.  So 40% weight, 80% height and 75% head. 

The visit went very well and his ears are crystal clear.  Dr L checked them with some machine (tympanogram?) which showed everything to be great and he said hopefully tubes are NOT in our future.  The most fantastic news is that HIS HYDROCELES RESOVED THEMSELVES so that means no Urologist and most importantly no surgery! I am elated about this! 

We asked about when to go to the dentist and he said that Dentists says between 1 and 2, the AAP says 3, and the local dentists in our area say 2 years.  He said that we do need to switch from the baby toothpaste to a children's low flouride toothpaste and even though he will swallow some it's ok as long as it's children's paste.  We should try to brush twice a day but as long as we do it at night that's good for now.  E's insurance has open enrollment in the fall so we will go ahead and add Dental onto Truitt's coverage.

I asked about introducting whole milk and he said to start whenever we're ready.  I can mix it 1/2 with breastmilk but it's not necessary.  He recommends him drinking 2-4 sippy cups a day but says some days he won't even drink one.  Just always offer it, especially at meals.  As long as he's nursing, which Dr L had no objection to "still" nursing, and eating well there are no worries.  He also said we can give him low sodium v8 or v8 fusion if we're worried he isn't getting enough nutrients but a vitamin is not needed.  Truitt is a great eater thankful and not picky at all!  I did ask about how to start weaning and he said that unfortuantely I'll feel guilty about it whether I start today or when he's 2 but the best way is just to figure out what works for us.  Redirect him if it's not nap or night time and then slowly take away nap time and then night time but he said there's no rush!

So... that was pretty much it.  Dr L waits until 15months for the Chicken Pox vaccine but today we did get the MMR, Hep A and PCV.  He held his breath and turned BRIGHT red (slightly purple) to the point where the nurse told us to blow on his face so he'd take a breath! Poor buddy.  He also had skipped his afternoon nap so that made things a little worse but he's peacefully napping on me now.

We go back at 15months and then 18months and then not until 2years.  This baby boy is growing up entirely too fast!


  1. too too too fast!!! ::sniff sniff::

  2. I'm glad everything looked good! I waited so long to read this post that I JUST realized his hydroceles went away on its own, awesome!!
    We haven't been using toothpaste with Elliot- oops. Better go out and buy some!