Thursday, September 29, 2011

9 Months!!!

Truitt does go for his well visit until next Wednesday so I won't have his weight/height until then




Size 3 Diapers (Although we're mainly in cloth during the day during the week!)
Size 6-9M or 9M clothing (although he's stll wearing some 3-6/6M shorts)
Size 4.5(!) shoes!

Truitt is 9 months old.  39 weeks and 1 day old(well 2days since I'm posting a day late).  Tomorrow after 2:22 (well I guess that's today now)he will have been outside of my belly longer than he was inside.  How are we already here?!?! Every week seems to go by more quickly than the last and he discovers new things every day.  It is such a blessing to watch the world through his eyes!

This month Truitt has learned how to walk!!!  He still prefers crawling as he is much faster but he will walk a few feet here in there.  I started walking at 8mo and E at 10mo so we figured he would be an early walker but I still cannot grasp the concept that my baby knows how to walk! I think it will be another month or two before he walks all of the time instead of crawling.

Truitt tried new foods this month- the most exciting being daddy's mashed potatoes... It wasn't the REAL thing because he just smashed some taters without milk or butter but Truitt still loved them. He also tried cauliflower, broccoli, pumpkin, apricots, whole wheat pasta, organic cheese puffs and MumMums.  He LOVES the cheese puffs and MumMums! So far we've only tried the orginial organic Mums but I'm planning on buying the veggie and banana ones next time.  Truitt eats oatmeal mixed with homemade fruit puree for breakfast, lunch is normally yogurt with fruit and 1oz of veggies and supper is 3oz of chunky pureed veggies plus whatever veggies E and I are having for supper.  I'm still making his fruits and veggies but instead of a thin puree everything is thick with chunks. He nurses on demand but normally he will nurse before his morning nap, at lunch time, at afternoon nap and 2-3 times before bed.  Truitt still nurses to sleep and will wake 3-6 (or more) times overnight to nurse.  He gets water through a sippy and will drink probably about 4oz of it throughout the day- more if he drinks from our open cup.  Truitt now sits at his highchair while we are eating so it's nice to eat as a family of 3 at the table.

T still has only his two bottom teeth.  When he went to the doctor two weeks ago he checked for teeth but didn't see any close to the gums but we all know this can change overnight!
Sleep has gotten bettter for the most part.  Most nights we lay down right at 8pm and he's asleep within 20 minutes.  He will NORMALLY go 3-5 (and has gone 6 hours twice!) hours before waking and then will go 2-3 hours until he's up for the day between 6:30-8am.  Some nights he's up more and so nights less.  We are still cosleeping and plan to do so until close to his first birthday.   Truitt normally takes about an hour and a half nap on my lap in the recliner which isn't that bad because I enjoy the snuggles and it gives me a chance to watch last night's TV shows that I recorded both in the morning and afternoon.  He sometimes takes another short nap in the afternoon but we're pretty much just on those two.

I have been signing to T for about a month now (only milk and more but I'm adding bath, dog, and thankyou this month) and he gets SO excited when he sees the sign for milk!!!  He has also started lifting my shirt to access the milkies.  It's still cute now but I can see this turning into a problem later.

Truitt LOVES to play outside but it's hard to keep the grass/leaves/twigs out of his mouth!  He also loves to eat paper and anything he isn't supposed to have.  We finally put the locks on the cabinets and drawers because he was constantly in and rearranging things. T LOVES bathtime still but lately has decided he'd rather nurse while in the tub than play.  I love it!  He has gotten SO much better about playing independently with toys AS LONG as he can see you.

After saying Dada for about a week he stopped and now just randomly babbles.  I am slightly worried because a LOT of my momma friends have 9month olds with MANY words but I know that when babies are focusing on one skill (walking) other skills (talking) will be delayed. I will still ask his doctor about it next week but I think/hope that's all it is. We are working on waving and clapping and he's not very interested but he LOVES turning on and off the light switches! In our house we have some that are up and down and some that are side to side and he's only figured out the up and down.  It is SO cute seeing his reaction to the light turning off or on!!!

Truitt is a bigtime sweetie and LOVES to give kisses!  He also gets so excited when E comes home from work and will bounce his arms up and down, reach for him and then give him the biggest hug ever and lay his head on his shoulder for a second before popping back up and giving his daddy a wet kiss! It melts my heart every single time!!!

These past 9months have been such a blessing and I am in awe of my son and all that he does and shows me every day.  Happy 9 Months Truitt Ray, Momma loves you SOOOOOOOOOO much!

This month's pictures went surprisingly well (that's why this is only 1 day late!) but here are the outtakes


Cracking himself up

Evidently we need to talk about manners and how giving your mom the finger is NOT allowed

This is what he does when you say "I'm gonnnnnnnnnna get yooooooooooooou!"

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

9 Month Must Haves

Nuby Silicone Teether
When Truitt's first tooth broke through the gum line we picked up one of these.  He was chewing on it constantly until we somehow lost it.  We bought another (they're less than $4 at walmart!) and he's back to gnawing on it all of the time.  It's cheap, easy to clean and keeps him happy!

Fisher Price Healthy Care Booster Seat
My aunt got us this before we knew if we were having a boy or a girl and the color isn't too flatering but other than that we LOVE this high chair.  Our eating area is pretty small so we don't have room for a full sized highchair and this chair, unlike the spacesaver, is short enough for the chair to be scooted all the way up and fit under the table.  The tray is removable and dishwasher safe and it's so lightweight we easily took the chair with us on vacation. There is no fabric on the chair except for the straps so the only cleaning required is to wipe it down! My only complaint is the straps are not removable so they're a pain to clean.

Kiddieland Ride On
Ours is different colors but we still love it! Our neighbor actually brought this over for T to play with because their grandchildren have outgrown it.  There are about 6 buttons that make noise and the seat raises up so Truitt puts things in there and then pulls them out later. So cute!!!  Not only will he grab the handle and push that way but he also will push it sideways.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Mommy's Little Walker

Crawling is still his first choice but he will walk, especially if he has something he wants to hold on to.  I still don't really consider him a walker but we're getting close!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Update on Sister-In-Law

First of all, thank you ALL so much for your words of encouragment.  I have NO idea what she has against me as in I honestly cannot think of one time that I have said or done anything mean to her and I go out of my way to be nice and welcoming to her.  On facebook I had an outpouring of friends saying how great of a mother I am in response to her comments, how Truitt is super lucky and how other people need to keep their negative comments to themselves so I posted as my status "What a blessing to have so many amazing people in my life that stick up for my decisions without being prompted by me when someone critcizes me! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!" and then my SIL's status says "Im confused...i thought fb was her only friend??? Oh wait, she must be talking abt her FB friends that have absolutely nothing else to do as well!" SERIOUSLY!?!?!? You are a 27 year old woman and are going to act like we're in high school, right!??!?!  I said nothing in response and then she updated a little bit later "Well Ive been pissing alot of ppl off lately. I dont give damn. Get the fk over it princess!!!"  It is just beyond frustrating that she is talking like this and on facebook?!!? I'm a pretty passive aggressive person but if I have a problem with someone I will outright talk to them about it instead of dink around and act like a kid.  I was thinking about texting/messaging my brother-in-law asking him what I did to make her feel that way to me but I decided just to ignore it all.  I was supposed to throw her shower this spring (they're due in April) and I'm not sure how I feel about even doing that.  I just hate that now my relationship with my neice/nephew is going to be restricted because of how their mother acts!!

ALSO, there are some of you that commented (Sara and Faithfully His!) that I do not have a link to your blog.  If you're reading my stuff I'd love to read yours!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Are you kidding me...

So here's the response to one of my status updates today.  T is my brother-in-law (husband's brother) and D is his wife.  They are currently pregnant with their first child (she has two boys 9 and 7 that she had in high school that do not live with her) and she refers to the baby she is carrying as "the parasite" and makes comments about how she hopes this is worth it, how the kid is going to tear her a new one and how all she wants is to drink. 

Ok, it's kinda hard to read- here's what was said
My status update: In other, less happy, news- GREY'S DIDN'T RECORD LAST NIGHT!!!! Ugh! Guess I'll be watching on the computer during T's nap (you know since he's in my lap it's not like I can do anything productive!)
T: Lay him down in bed after he falls asleep
Me: Hahahaha that's funny T! As soon as I move he's up!
T: Really, so how does he sleep at night?
D: I was thinking the same...thats prob why he doesnt let u sleep. Bad habits
Me: In bed with us snuggled up against me, nursing most if the night. Before he was born I said I would NEVER cosleep but when you have a colicky baby who won't sleep otherwise you have to do what you can and then when they outgrow the colic but still wake up every 2hrs all night it's a lot easier on everyone for them to be in bed with you so they get right back to sleep instead of getting so worked up they're up for an hour calming down.
D: T just so u know, we r giving our baby camomile tea for colics...thats what i gave the other 2 n never had a problem.
Me: We tried everything they make. I'm just blessed that Truitt only had it for 10wks instead of E that had it for a year and slept on his dad's chest in a recliner for over a year because of it.
D:I always used home remedies and herbal remedies frm my grandmother....used in our family for years and always worked. I myself dont like commercial chemically medicines unless its absolutely necessary or perscribed for something health threatening
Me: We used gripe water and colic calm, both are 100% homeopathic and contain chamomile. They did nothing for him. I'm all for home remedies and herbal hence the fact that he is breastfed and is just now starting processed food but if your chld has full out colic good luck on getting something to work. If it's just the occasional upset tummy I'm sure it will help but we tried everything and NOTHING worked. I pray that the baby doesn't have it because I know how hard it is and how hard it is to watch your baby be so unhappy. Thankfully Truitt outgrew it around 10wks.
D: Well if he has it or not....ive been through it twice and babysat alot of babies for yrs. I have a really idea on how to treat most anything.
Me: That's going to be a blessing! It was a rough 10wks!

I was trying my best to be considerate but seriously.  Bad habits?! I'm pretty sure not seeing your two children, cussing like a sailor and binge drinking are just a tad more serious than cosleeping.  AND THEN HER STATUS UPDATE AFTER ALL OF THIS "Well i download this app on preg stuff and things ive read elsewhere, and i have come to the conclusion that some mothers get to damn korny with their kids...geez i love my kids but i dont have them attached to my spine like monkeys. If you ask me, those korny moms just have nothing else to do. Gracias a Dios yo no soy payasa!" That last line basically says 'Thank God I'm not one of those clowns.'  Raising my child is the most important thing I have EVER done.  They are only young once so why wouldn't you want to spend every possible moment with them molding them into the best person they can be!??!

Am I overreacting?!?!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I've seen this post floating around and since T is asleep on my lap and the new facebook layout has me all flustered I'm going to do this! 

Fill in the blanks...

If I were to get pregnant again I really pray this is a WHEN and not an IF but if I were to get pregnant again I would be thrilled and wonder how Truitt will take being a big brother

If I could have any job in the world I would continue to be a Stay at Home Mom. It has been the best job ever even though it is the hardest thng ever!.

•If I had a day to myself I would SLEEP IN! Then definitely some spa time and meet up with friends so I can have some adult convo time!

If I could get married all over again I wouldn't have stressed about the little things going wrong and just relaxed more!

•If I could live anywhere in the US I would love to live somewhere that has actual seasons! Here it is summer or winter and there isn't much spring or fall. It's also SO hot.  Having said that I don't think I would like to be far away from our families so I'll stick with north Texas ;) Maybe a vacation home somewhere though!

If Truitt would have been a girl he would have been named (or your baby girl a boy) Probably Charlotte.  We were really thinking about Lillianne but there are SO many Lilly's!  I really like Charlotte still but it's pretty popular too!

•If I could have any talent in the world I would really like to have a pretty singing voice
•If you met me in real life you would probably say- Goodness, I have no idea. Maybe- WHOA SHE REALLY IS AWESOME! lol

•If I could go back to school and get a different degree I would get my bachelor's instead of just associates and it would most likely be in political science
If money were not an object  we would have land with our house, a custom house that I've already decided on the floor plan and I'd probably buy a new car :) AND we would travel and have a lot of kids!!!

•If I could meet one celebrity Ellen!!! I looove watching her and maybe she would give me something awesome :)
•If I could only shop at one store for the rest of my life It's a toss up between Target and Walmart.  Target is my favorite but Walmart has more stuff and it's cheaper

•If we get another pet I would want a puppy. Emma and Sophie tolerate Truitt but don't like him much since he took away their baby status BUT if we got another puppy it would like Truitt! Emma and Soph are doing better though

•If I could go on a trip, RIGHT NOW, we'd go somewhere Tropical probably :D

If I had to chose between a house cleaner and a personal chef, I'd pick the cleaner! I straighten daily and clean the bathroom/mop/sweep weekly BUT I'd love someone to do the deep cleaning! That'd be great!

If I had the option of plastic surgery I'd get a breast reduction and left and tummy tuck AFTER I was done having babies!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Learning to Walk

*EDIT- WHILE I WAS OUT BUYING HIM MEDS (yes, still sick- doc said to quit prescription and try benadryl) HE TOOK 5 STEPS FOR E!!!*

Truitt has been standing unassisted for a month and last weekend he began taking one step before falling over.  Yesterday he started taking two steps and today we're up to three! E thinks we will have a walker by next weekend, I'm thinking it's going to be closer to Halloween.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Big Boy Carseat

When we were pregnant I quickly started researching travel systems.  I knew I wanted something gender neutral so that we could use if for future children and other than that all I cared about was safety.  We narrowed it down to two and went to the store and pulled them both out and E made the final decision.

We have very few complaints, actually all I can think of now is that I don't like the sunshade on the stroller because it's not big enough so it was a fantastic seat.  The infant carrier is rated safe up to 30lbs or 30in.  Truitt is only 18lb 11oz now but at 6months he was 27.75in so I am sure he is VERY close to being 30in now.  Also, his torso is very long so he has an inch of space before the top of his head is at the top of the seat deeming it unsafe so it was time to buy a bigboy seat.

A few months ago E's mom found the Cosco Alpha Omega seat clearanced out for a little less than $80! 
It was last year's fabric so they were over half price off so she bought two; one for her car and one for us.  We put it in E's truck since the carrier was still in my car.  My complaints with this seat are pretty limited... when we first put him in it at 4months, his head would fall forward when he was asleep but that no longer happens. It was VERY difficult to instal rear facing correctly.  Also, it's a bit bulky (and doesn't fit in my car rear facing without touching the front seats) but it fits fine in E's truck.

So I put a lot of research into finding the right seat.  One thing that I am VERY adament about is extended rear facing.  Did you know that if your child is forward facing during a crash they are FIVE TIMES more likely to be seriously injured or killed?  Many people say that their child's legs are cramped if they're RF or they are much happier looking forward but most children have NO problem sitting cross legged in their seat and  it's actually preferred over dangling legs AND I would much rather safety over a happy baby. Truitt almost always cries and screams in the carseat so I know it's a distraction but heaven forbid we're in an accident, I hope that I have done everything possible to keep him safe.

Having said all of that it was very important for me to find a seat that has a high rear facing limit.  It was also important to find something that would fit RF in my car (a small SUV) without having to scoot the front seats so far forward that we were unable to sit comfortably.  I read reviews,, and asked friends.  We finally decided on the Evenflo Symphony 65 LX All-In-One Convertible Car Seat as long as it would fit. 
When we went to our local Babies R Us we pulled the car up and they allowed us to go outside and put the display in the car.  It fits in all 3 positions (sides and middle all rear facing) and the front seats can be pushed to the second from farthest back without the carseat touching them! We also turned in Truitt's walker and got 25% off of the carseat because BRU was still doing the Trade In event.

E installed it in less than 10 minutes (much better than the close to hour the Cosco seat took) and it fits GREAT!  Truitt is still less than pleased with being strapped into something but he didn't seem to mind it any more than any other seat!  I am still able to breastfeed him in it while we are both buckled so that is a huge plus and he slept comfortably in it! His head does fall forward a little but I think we may need to roll a towel and put it under the base to get the extra recline.  Today was our first day in the seat so I may find more pros and cons later but right now I am VERY satisfied with our purchase!!!





Watching dad load up the groceries

Friday, September 16, 2011

Weigh In Frday

I didn't post last week.  After eating horribly over the hoilday weekend I had lost 0.4lbs but I was just hoping to not gain so that was still good. This week I lost 1.0lbs for a total 5 week loss of 11.2lbs!  I know 1 pound doesn't sound like much but "they" say that the healthiest was to lose is only 1-2 pounds a week and that way you don't gain it all back when you stop dieting.

This Week's Loss: 1.0lb

5 Week Total Since Starting Weight Watchers: 11.2lbs

Left to First Personal Goal (Wedding Weight): 9.4lbs

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Evidently he doesn't feel too bad

First real cold :(

Truitt has had 2 ear infections and some cold like symptoms after shots but this is the first time he's had an all out cold.  It started with me hearing him cough a lot yesterday but he always fake coughs for attention so I figured that's what it was... until he started doing it in his sleep.  Then at 3:30 he woke up choking on drainage and was so congested he couldn't nurse.  I put some saline in his nose and it didn't help so I put some Johnson's vapor bath in the shower, turned it on HOT HOT HOT and sat  in the shower with him (not under the water) for about 20 minutes.  During that time he had some of the greenest icky snot sneezes I've ever seen.  He then napped for about an hour but had a hard time breathing and started tugging his ear so I decided to call the doctor.  Actually I wasn't sure (mainly because I didn't want to pay $30copay and $70bill for just teething or allergies) but E told me to take him in.  Truitt is up to 18lb 11oz (with clothes, diaper and shoes on). Thankfully his ears and lungs are crystal clear but he has a pretty nasty head cold.  Luckily it's early enough that we should be able to treat with a prescription decongestant (dr gave me free sample-WAHOO!) and stop it before it gets into his chest!  While we were up there I had to stop and buy a new hospital boogie sucker because our last two were thrown out or have been misplaced and nothing fixes snot better than that green bulb!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


My old job had FANTASTIC insurance.  I was covered free of cost and to add a child was about $60/month and I think spouse and child was around $100.  I only had a $250 deductible and the coverage was fantastic.  Obviously when I quit I lost my insurance and Truitt and I were added on to E's plan.  For the second to lowest coverage we pay OVER $600 A MONTH JUST FOR OUR PREMIUM.  Seeing as that's $7200/year you'd think we'd have amazing coverage but that couldn't be further form the truth.  Well-care is covered 100% until $500 BUT for a newborn that goes to the doctor 7 times in the first year we hit the $500 before his 4month visit and then had a lovely $200 bill slapped in our face for his 4mo well visit and shots and again at 6months.  As he gets older and only goes to the doctor once or twice a year it shouldn't be a problem.  Anything that is NOT well-care is paid at 80% AFTER we meet our deductible and pay $30 each visit.  Our deductible is $1200/person or $3000 a family.  SO THAT MEANS THAT WE HAVE TO PAY $8400-$10,200 A YEAR BEFORE INSURANCE PICKS UP ANYTHING OTHER THAN WELL-CARE.  Are you freaking kidding me?!?!?!?!  So, when I took Truitt in for an ear infection and to fix his adhesion we had to pay $30 copay PLUS $350.86.  And the time I thought he had another ear infecton but it was just teething we paid $30 PLUS $69.21.  So we can see some good in this as we're getting closer to meeting the deductible so that things are actually covered, right? WRONG! While we have now met $560.56 (what we paid out of pocket not including $600monthly or $30copays) of the $1200, our deductible reset Septemeber 1st and we are back to flipping zero!!!

E works for a very large public school and they told them that the reason their premium is so high is that 1- the majority of employees are teachers so they're exposed to germs and therefore get sick more often and 2- most are women of childbearing age which= expense on the insurance's part.  UGH! We are going to try to get private insurance through our life insurance company BUT we can't do that until open enrollment in the spring so we're stuck with this.

AND WHAT REALLY BOILS MY BLOOD is when I see SO many of my peers on medicaid (free government insurance) that have more spending money than us.  Seriously, you can go out to eat 6 times a week, get Starbucks daily, have your nails done weekly but you don't have to pay for insurance AND you get free baby formula/food/breastpump through WIC? WHAT THE HELL!? yes I know that all people on medicaid are not like this but around here a TON are. How is it that after we pay for insurance and full price for our groceries that we have less money left over than those on welfare.  To say the system is flawed is an understatement.  UGH!!!!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

My sister J lives in southern Louisiana which is about an 8 hour drive from here... we decided that we needed to figure out a way to see each other without having to drive that far so we found a close to halfway point which was Lake Caddo Texas.  My mom, stepdad, sister, her husband, baby C, E, Truitt and I met up for the weekend.  Our cabin was an old house with a screened in porch that backed up to the lake... it was absolutely beautiful! The only downside was E, T and I sharing a full sized bed... maybe if we were skinny it would have worked but it was very cramped!  E and I took a tour of the lake that was supposed to be on a wooden steamboat but it was too windy for the boat to safely go out so instead it was on a pontoon boat.  We also went to a small exotic animal and gator zoo.  Here's some pictures!

Helping Dad load up

View from the back of our cabin



Playing with his cousin

There were two showers but no baths, and he played outside a LOT so we resorted to the sink!
(Notice my bald spots and tiny hairs growing back? PP hair loss has NOT been good to me!)






From our boat tour:




Gator Park and Zoo






Caddo State Park


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Do I have an accent?

It's my first vlog!!! Ashley did this and I thought HOW FUN! I had to wait until I was able to actually shower and dress (not a joke- there are plenty of days where T man will not allow this!) but here it is.  As a special treat, E did part of it too!!! Please do this and let me know so I can hear your accents :)

(We had the windows open and you can hear the dang noisy cicadas!!! I laugh at his "coupon")
The instructions are to say these words:

Aunt, Route, Wash, Oil, Theater, Iron, Salmon, Caramel, Fire, Water, Sure, Data, Ruin, Crayon, Toilet, New Orleans, Pecan, Both, Again, Probably, Spitting image, Alabama, Lawyer, Coupon, Mayonnaise, Syrup, Pajamas, Caught

And answer these questions:
•What is it called when you throw toilet paper on a house?

•What is the bug that when you touch it, it curls into a ball?

•What is the bubbly carbonated drink called?

•What do you call gym shoes?

•What do you say to address a group of people?

•What do you call the kind of spider that has an oval-shaped body and extremely long legs?

•What do you call your grandparents?

•What do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry groceries at the supermarket?

•What do you call it when rain falls while the sun is shining?

•What is the thing you change the TV channel with?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

7 posts

Dare I say it but I'm babysitting today and BOTH boys are asleep right now so I figured I'd try this.  Ashley at Introverted Mama did it so I am too!

1. Your Most Beautiful Moment
Definitely when we had our first ultrasound.  It's one thing to see those two lines on a test but a whole new experience when you see your child on that back and white screen with the heartbeat fluttering away. At that moment I knew the pregnancy was really happening and what a blessing it was!

2. Your Most Popular Blog Post
Weird.  Just a picture post with 134 views

3. Your Most Controvesial Blog Post
Goodness, I have one that I have wanted to write for a LONG time about how I feel about welfare but I haven't gotten the guts (or time) to work on it so I don't know if there's really anything. I think the only one I can think of would be when I talked about my feelings on the importance of delaying solids and Truitt's reacting to rice cereal when we introduced it too early.

4. Your Most Helpful Post
I think you all should answer this for me... I would like to think that my monthly "Must Have" posts are helpful and that my IF posts and then success help as well.  But instead of me helping my readers I am going to choose a post that my readers helped me.  In the early days (And sometimes even much later) Breastfeeding can be very challenging. When I started having doubts/problems/concerns and I posted about it, some of you wonderful women commented and helped me along!

5. A Post Whose Success Surprised You
I really can't believe that the picture post (mentioned in #2) is my all time most viewed! Next to that is birth story which makes plenty of sense as do the other ones listed but really... belly picture has 43 more views than anything else?

6. A Post that Didn't Get the Attention You Thought it Deserved
This is hard.  Before having a baby I figured no comments meant no attention. Now I realize that you're lucky to get to read a blog let alone comment!  Also, with blogger troubles lately and the commenting being messed up there isn't much marking in going by comments but I have to choose so Toilet Paper Monster. I thought it was the cutest video EVER! Having said that though I know a lot of people read from their phone and can't watch videos.  Plus 5 comments isn't bad but I had to choose something

7. The Post You are Most Proud of
Birth Story.  Hands down.  It doesn't matter that I was woozy while writing... it documents the most proud moment OF MY LIFE.

I cannot believe the boys are both still napping! If you have some time, try this! It was neat to look at all of my old posts and I'd love to read yours!!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Sweet Cousin Kisses

Look how sweet Truitt is!!!

We are back from vacation and Photo Dump post soon to come :D

Friday, September 2, 2011

Weigh In Friday

Yaaaaaaaay Weight Watchers! This week I lost another 3.4 pounds! One of the few perks of being this heavy is that at first, the weight comes of pretty quickly. I am sure that it is going to slow down soon but I am enjoying it while I can.  I think another thing that is really helping is, because it's still been over 100ยบ daily, I've been drinking a lot of water.  This weekend we're going to the lake with my mom and stepdad and we found one about halfway between us and my sister so she, her husband, and baby C are meeting us there.  Having said that- there will not be any point counting this weekend so if I can maintain my current weight without gaining any for the week I will be satisified!

This Week's Loss: 3.4lb

3 Week Total Since Starting Weight Watchers: 9.8lb

Left to First Personal Goal (Wedding Weight): 10.8lb