Wednesday, August 31, 2011

8 Months!!!

This post is a few days late because it took FOUR tries to get pictures- this kid does not sit still






How is it already time for this again?!!?
Size 3 diapers
FINALLY in all 6-9month clothes (with a few pair of 3-6mo shorts)

What a fun month this has been! Truitt is a VERY fast crawler and can get anywhere in the house now. He is standing on his own without needing to pull up on anything and starting to climb! He is very brave and that normally results in bumps and bruises and Mommy's heart skipping a few beats. His favorite things to get into still seem to be the toilet paper and the dog food and water bowls but he also loves anything that he shouldn't have. We finally bought babyproofing supplies to keep the cabinets and drawers closed. Truitt, I love you more and more every day- you are such a pleasure and keep everyone so happy!

Truitt is still nursing on demand and other than when his teeth came in and he was nursing more often, he seems to eat about every 1-3 hours during the day and 1-4 hours at night. This month he tried organic goat's milk yogurt, asparagus, kiwi, cherries, and blueberries. Normally he eats about 2 tablespoons of oatemeal mixed with a homemade fruit puree and either juice from cherries or blueberries mixed in. He also LOVES puffs and has a few of those while I'm getting his oatmeal ready. For lunch he eats 2oz of veggie puree and about an oz of fruit. Supper time he eats 2oz of fruit and 2oz of veggies plus whatever veggies E and I are eating. He is getting very good at feeding himself and loves "big people" food. He really loves it when I'm making a batch of food and he gets to eat the chunked up steamed fruit! Throughout the day he will also eat whatever fruit I happen to be eating. Truitt always has a sippy of water around but rarely drinks much from it however he will gulp down water out of a bottled water or open cup if you help him a little. Breastmilk has a LOT of water in it but since he's eating solids he needs some plain watered also. We are not planning on doing juice anytime soon.

Sleep has (I hate to say this and jinx something!) gotten better! Most nights he will go 3.5-4.5 hour stretch when we first lay down between 8&9. One night he even went FIVE hours without waking!!! After the first long stretch he will normally sleep another 2-3 hour stretch and then he's up hourly until we start the day between 6 and 7:30. He takes an hour-hour and a half nap around 8 and then a cat nap around noon followed by another decent nap in the early afternoon. We've pretty much cut out the early evening nap (Truitt's choice) and I think that may be why we are doing better at night! T is still in our bed and I think that's how it's going to be until he's weaned.

This month Truitt got in his two front bottom teeth. He also has started saying "Dada" and SCREACHING a lot. He is SO much fun and such a joy. I cannot believe my baby boy is 8 months old!!!

And some outtakes:





Sunday, August 28, 2011

8 Month Must Haves

Baltic Amber Teething Necklace
When I first heard of these I thought it was something that baby would put in his mouth and chomp down on until his teeth felt better... BOY WAS I WRONG! Baltic Amber (made from hardened tree sap) has anti-inflamatory and pain relief qualities; when being worn, your body heat warms up the amber which causes tiny amounts of the natural oils to be released onto your skin.  It never FEELS oily though.  I know a lot of people think this is just made up but Truitt is definitely a different baby when he isn't wearing it.  We have it on him from when he wakes in the morning until he goes to sleep at night time (many people leave it on 24/7 though).  Truitt got two teeth in this month and other than comfort nursing, more wakeful night and a lowgrade temp we didn't notice any extra irritability, excessive drooling or any normal teething side effects!

Vtech Sit to Stand Walker
We bought this for T for his 6 month birthday but didn't bring it out to play with until this month.  So far so great.  There are SO many activities (I still hear new songs coming out of it after a month's worth of play) and he really enjoys it.  He is also getting VERY fast with the walker.  He does much better on carpet with it because it goes a little fast on the hard floors but he's still able to control it!

Plum Organic Super Puffs
EVERY baby seems to love puffs.  I hated all of the "stuff" in the walmart, target, gerber brands so we were going to skip over them... that's until we found Plum Organic's Puffs!  They have 1/2 the junk that other brands do and they're categorized by color and each one is super yummy. We have NOT tried the super reds because I don't like how they have strawberry in them but every other flavor has been great. YUM!

Saturday, August 27, 2011


We went to a birthday party today (for my long term followers, remember when I was a nanny for W? It was his 2nd birthday party!!) at Gymboree and Truitt L.O.V.E.D it!!! We went to my cousin's daugther's party when T was just 4 months and he loved the music and colors so I was pretty sure he was going to have a great time and I was right! I'm really thinking about getting a membership and taking him weekly!!!

Here are some pictures from the day!

We didn't even make it to the highway before he had passed out

Friday, August 26, 2011

Weigh In Friday

After some thought I've decided it will probably be a better idea to weigh on Fridays than on Mondays.  That way I'm able to cheat more on the weekend (hey, at least I'm truthful!) but have the entire week to get back on track rather than have two days mess up my week's work.  So, today's weigh in is for only 5 days worth and I have lost 1.0 pounds. Compared to last week's 5lbs it's not much at all BUT the average weight loss is 1-2lbs/week so we're right on track!

This Week's Loss: 1.0lb
Total Since Starting Weight Watchers:  6.2lb
Left to First Personal Goal (Wedding Weight): 14.2lb

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Do you hear that REALLY loud running water sound? It's not water- it's bugs! Nasty nasty cicadas.  Not only are they super noisy but my dogs like to dig them up (they burry into the ground) and eat them. AND the nasty bugs occasionally will attack me start screaching and fly up and hit me as I walk outside. EW!!!!

2. See the green grass- it's just one patch from where the water from watering our foundation has run off.  Today was the 54th (I think) day of 100º+ temperatures this summer and I think we're like 15inches below average rainfall for the year or something. It's awful.

3. LOOK AT HOW BIG TRUITT IS!  He no longer does the hunched over "surfer man" stance when he gets up but just pops up straight to standing.  Where'd my baby boy go???

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I have started babysitting a 6 month old (yes this baby is two months YOUNGER than Truitt and he's much bigger than my T!  He is exclusively breastfed with NO solids so I think his momma has a linebacker on her hands!!!) on Tuesdays... I was trying to get a video of Truitt trying to attack him them play together and got a DADA on tape! If you don't mind the screaming stick around until 36 seconds in and hear the sweetest thing ever- well sweetest until he says mama!!!  Oh and you like the screaming? That's his newest trick that he loves to do!!!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Weigh In Monday

I weighed this morning after one full week on Weight Watchers and.... I've lost 5.2 pounds! I actually weighed on Friday and at that point was down 7.3 but we went to a birthday party on Friday night, an anniversary party on Saturday and then had our normal Sunday supper at my grandma's house.  I think I'd do better if I weighed on Fridays instead of Mondays but we'll leave it this way.  So far I have not noticed a decrease in my milk supply and that was my biggest worry. Eating has gone pretty well and it's not so much that I'm eating different things now, it's that I am paying a lot of attention to portions and it seems to be working quite well.  I know that I cannot expect to lose this much every week but I am VERY excited and hope it keeps coming off even if it's only a pound or two a week!

Sunday, August 21, 2011


So this is what we've been up to since we got our new computer a month ago!!!

Handsome or what?!  (I lost one of those sandals and it's driving me CRAZY because not only are they cute- they fit great and stayed on)

Someone likes dogfood- UGH!

Daddy tried to gel T's hair-didn't work so well!

Sunday Paper Reading

Look at that hair!!!

If he's not trying to get the dog food- he's after toilet paper!!!

Trying out a walker at his Mema and Pop's house

First time in the highchair!

Napping with his big sister Sophie <3

Mom and Dad FINALLY got his walker out of the package at home!

Four Generations!!!


Suspenders and a bowtie?!

Trying out his first watercraft

Passed out in my lap after nursing at E's grandparent's 60th anniverary party

First Words

"Dada!"  He has been saying it constantly all morning.  He had been stuck on "ah dah" for a few days but now is saying it correctly over and over.  Thank goodness I know it's just because it's easier to say than mama, otherwise my feelings might have been hurt ;) I hope he remembers I stayed up with him day and night for the first 10 weeks!!!! I will try to get a video of it asap!

Also a wondeful note- HE SLEPT 5 SOLID HOURS LAST NIGHT!  He then woke up at 4:30, 5:30 and started the day at 6:30 but my fantastic husband kept him occupied and let me sleep until 8:20. WAHOO!!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Second Tooth!

Truitt's Lower right central incisor broke through the gum today. My baby is growing up too fast!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Caught on Camera!

I was able to get Truitt standing up :D


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Standing :)

Truitt has been letting go of things or just standing while leaning against something for a few weeks now but today he stood up in the middle of the living room (without pulling up on anything) and stood there for a good 10 seconds! O.M.G. how is he growing up so fast???

P.S.  Tonight we are trying goat's milk yogurt...wish us luck!  I am also going to make some frozen banana pops and work on a cherry puree!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hi, My Name is Bubba

Truitt trying out his "Bubba Teeth" paci! Bwahahah made momma laugh hard!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

WALKING! (with push walker)

We bought thisfor T's 1/2 birthday but just got it out two days ago.  In the living rom the wood floors make the wheels spin to fast and he cannot get traction but it went great on the carpet!  E's pointed out that his "yay!"s sounds like a horse neighing!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My child has been screaming for the past 30 minutes.  He is exhausted and would not fall asleep in my arms or nursing so I decided to let him try to CIO in the crib.  He immediately stands up.  The doctor recommended me laying on the floor so he will lay down to try to get closer to me. No such luck.  I have sat on the floor, I have layed on the floor, I have left the room, I have layed him back down time after time, I have left him standing.  Nothing is helping.  I don't want to go pick him up to make him think if he gets upset enough then he knows I will pick him up but I don't know what else to do it.

AND on top of all of that wonderfullness, my phone just locked up...UGH!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'm starting a diet...

On Monday!  I know right, why wait?! Well, I've decided to do Weight Watchers (again) and I need to get signed up and make my grocery list and we won't go grocery shopping until Saturday.  So, fresh start Monday.  Back when I went to my yearly checkup with our OBGYN I asked him about dieting and he told me to be careful because any decrease in calories can cause a decrease in supply.  I decided I would just exercise but with it being over 100º for the past 6 or so weeks I cannot bring myself to do anything. So, the plan is to try WW and if my supply goes down then just add  HEALTHY calories back in.

While TTC Truitt I got on WW and lost about 15lbs in 4 months.  During the pregnancy I gained about 40lbs and then lost that within the first few months after having T.  Now I sit +/-3lbs of my pre-pregnancy weight regardless of what I eat.  I have been eating horribly because of this because 1, I'm able to eat whatever and not gain a ton and 2, I am a bigtime "I'm bored and it's here so I might as well eat it" kinda eater.  So I think just a little effort is going to go a long way and as soon as the weather calms down, we're going to start going to the track every evening.

So, my goal!  I would LOVE if I could lose 25lbs by T's first birthday which is when we are going to start thinking about TTC again.  I figure this is a good goal because we are 4.5months away and the average weight loss on WW is 1-2lb/week so if I lose 1lb a week that would be 19lbs and a few weeks I can hope for two.  I was blessed with a pregnancy with no complications due to being overweight but I know that losing weight cannot hurt and I'm really hoping it will help with my fertility and PCOS. 

I know I mentioned starting to think about TTC but right now I don't think I will be ready yet. I do not want Truitt to have to stop nursing just so we can try for another baby but E wants another baby soon.  I think our compromise is going to be that I will get off of the minipill when T turns one.  If he has not self-weaned by then we will not prevent pregnancy but will not persue any IF treatments.  If at 18 months he is still nursing regularly we will wean and then wait to see if I begin to cycle or if we need to start treatments.   The good news is if we wait until 18months that's hopefully another 20-30lbs I can lose!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Our Current Freezer Stash

Apples, Nectarines, Peas, Zucchini, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes and Butternut Squash
Now that Truitt is eating 2-4 ounces 3 times a day we are going through food much more quickly!  I still LOVE making his food!

Daddy the Enabler

and you only thought I had an accent!