Friday, December 9, 2011

Teething shmeething

Truitt has THREE *maybe four* teeth very close to coming through the gumline.  I guess for Christmas he's getting a front tooth, and two more bottom!  This all adds up to one very cranky and clingy little man!  He is having a total meltdown right now becuase he just dropped his cup.  Oh the drama!


(I didn't color it in but his front right tooth MAY be close to coming in to?)


  1. ugghhh I dispise teething! Sometimes its nice to have a snuggly baby but usually it ends up with him not wanting to be put down at the same time not wanting to be picked up lol!! Night's are hellish too in which sleep is just something we wish we could do in our house! Good luck I hope they come in soon! Forrest has 2 more coming in as well!

  2. Teething is so stupid.

    I blame original sin.

  3. Nicholas gets very clingy as well when a tooth is trying to push through. I love the cuddle time but hate that he's in pain. Hope Truitt gets to feeling better soon! By the way, I'm passing on my newest blog award to you!

  4. Aw man I want to o one of these teeth charts for Elliot!