Monday, December 19, 2011

A compromise

I have been nothing short of a bad blogger but Truitt is keeping me SO busy. On top of a super active little guy, my Nana has been in the hospital and of course we are trying to get ready for Christmas AND Truitt's party. I have a lot of posts I want to do and hopefully I'll have time soon.

So! The point of this... E has said all along that he wants Truitt weaned at 12months and I figured I'd be ready too so I hadn't paid it much thought. Here we are just over a week away and I am not ready... At all! I don't think Truitt is anywhere near being ready either. He still nurses about 6 times a day and anywhere from 2-? Times a night.

I am ready to TTC #2. I had always said how I wanted to wait until my oldest was 2 before trying so they would be about 3 years apart and E has always said he wants them 2yrs apart. I have been converted to wanting them about 2yrs apart now. Anyway, we were going to start trying after the first of the year but now that I have baby fever E is backing off a bit and is thinking of maybe waiting a few more months.

I added those two points together and we came to a wonderful compromise. I will continue nursing until we are ready to TTC. This is somewhat not true in that E and I agreed that I will not refill the minipill (I have one week left) BUT I haven't had a period since the cycle we conceived Truitt so I'm pretty sure nothing will happen. Ideally, as much as I'd love to get pregnant quickly, i want to nurse Truitt through cold season and then begin the weaning process so we can TTC #2!


  1. I think nursing him through cold season is a really good idea. Sometimes babies will go on a hunger strike when they're sick, and only want to nurse. Which is okay, because you know that they are at least getting milk!

  2. I saw your questions about weaning on my blog -- I've been trying to get around to writing a post about it...hang tight!!! Not sure if I have the best advice, but I think it helps to hear as many weaning experiences as possible in preparation!

    I've always heard that once you wean, they'll forget what to do and "reject" you. I didn't think my bf-addicted baby would ever ever do that! Sadly, I tried to see if Grant would nurse yesterday, and he smiled at first, then licked, then pushed me away. It made me SAD! so, enjoy it while it lasts!

  3. I'm excited for you! We're only a few months behind you guys on the TTC #2 bandwagon. Ethan is still nursing and will be 1 on Jan 10th. I'm not sure if I'm ready to wean him yet...mixed emotions. 2012 is going to be a fun year though :)

  4. I couldn't imagine not still nursing Noah. I feel so much better whenever he is sick and has no appetite and doesn't want to drink anything, because I know he's still getting tons of nutrients and vitamins from my breastmilk, and he is staying hydrated in situations where a lot of non-BFed kids would probably end up hospitalized for dehydration.

    I say, keep nursing until YOU don't want to anymore, for whatever reason. Personally, I don't think DH should have much of a say there, because he doesn't know what it's like and he isn't part of that connection between you and Truitt. It'd be like my DH telling me he doesn't want me to hang out with my mom anymore. It's just not his place to decide.

    That being said, my DH wants me to nurse Noah as long as Noah will nurse, because he pretty much credits every good thing about Noah to the fact that he is breastfed. lol

    I know I won't wean in order to do fertility treatments again. Who knows how long it'll take us to get pregnant this time around. I don't want to take that experience away from Noah and I for something theoretical, like an unachieved pregnancy.

  5. I think your plan sounds perfect Samantha!! I've known a handful of people close to me that nursed through their second pregnancy even against doctors orders and they never had problems with early labor but of course it's a risk and not everyone has that experience. Can't wait for you to get your BFP!