Saturday, December 31, 2011

Birthday party success!

Whew! I'm so glad this is only once a year.  I am EXHAUSTED but it was well worth it.  Unfortunately I don't have ANY pictures to share yet because I was so busy I didn't take a single one with my camera but hopefully the photographer will get them to us ASAP!  We had 25 adults and 14 kids at the party! The decorations turned out cute even though I didn't have enough time to do as much as I wanted.  Lunch was delicious and Truitt got a ton more toys and adorable clothes.  I think we only got two more duplicate gifts so not bad at all!  Truitt was so happy and it wasn't until cake time that he started slowing down so he wasn't much in the mood to smash his cake but we were ok with that.  We had the party at my in law's because it's much bigger and he was asleep before we even pulled out of the driveway.  I'm pretty sure I'm about to join him and take a nap too!

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  1. So glad he had such a great birthday! They grow up way too fast!