Friday, December 30, 2011

12 Months!!!






What Truitt thinks of sticker pictures

Approximately 21 lbs (based on our home scale)
I think about 30in (dr appt next week)
12month clothing, 18M rompers
Size 3 Diapers
Size 5 Shoes

One year. My sweet baby boy is one year old. This has been the hardest, most rewarding and enjoyable year of my life so far. I cannot believe how fast it has flown by and even more, I cannot believe how much my newborn has grown and developed into a toddler.

Truitt is becomming quite the talker and now regularly uses Mama, Dada, Dog (doe), Milk, More, Ball, Bye, Ut (for ut oh) and we swear sometimes he will say crazy things like elephant, popsicle, tomorrow etc. I know he's not really saying those big words but it surely sounds like it! I am still signing milk, more, all done, up and diaper to him but have been slacking a but because I'm getting frustrated that he isn't signing back but I know consistency is key so I need to keep at it.

This month Truitt tried catfish and did just fine. He hasn't had cow's milk to drink although he has been very instrested in my smoothies and cereal so he has had milk in that way while sharing with me and we haven't noticed any ill effets from it. He also tried eggs on Christmas and not only did he do fine but he LOVED them! We go to the doctor on the 5th and I'll be asking about when to be introducing peanut butter, honey and milk to drink. Truitt also prefers a straw over a sippy cup and will now gulp down water whenever he's really thirsty instead of just sipping on it. For breakfast his preference seems to be dry cheerios and banana. He has recently started refusing to be spoon fed so oatmeal and yogurt don't work too well. He is using a spoon himself but has a hard time scooping food back up before bringing it back to his mouth. Lunch and supper are whatever we're eating. He normally snacks on fruit or cheese midmorning and the same mid afternoon.

Truitt is still nursing quite often. He nurses on demand but always before napping and falling asleep and random times throughout the day. Normally he will take a midmorning nap around 10 and then another nap around 2. Bedtime is about 8 (give or take 30 minutes) and he wakes up for the day around 7:30. This past month he has done SO much better and normally goes from about 8pm-2am and then until 5 and that's when he starts nursing on and off again until he's up for the day. There have been some rough nights but we are having more good nights than we have bad.

Truitt got THREE teeth this month. The top two teeth were brutal coming through and he still has a stuffy nose because of them. Vampire baby no longer! He has NOT bitten me while nursing, Thank God!, but he has bitten my finger while I was feeling in his mouth and yowtch! We did buy some Hyland's teething tablets this month and they really seem to help.

Bathtime is still one of his favorite activites. He has started loving to run over to the dogs this month as they finally are letting him play with them more since he now can pet them instead of just smacking them. Truitt loves playing with other kids and is an expert as giving big slobbery kisses and the sweetest hugs ever! He still really enjoys playing with all of the balls he has accquired and his trucks/cars/trains.

Truitt celebrated his first Christmas this month and loved ripping into the paper to see his presents although he wasn't too keen on having to leave one toy for another. His birthday party is tomorrow and I can't wait!!!

Truitt, your mommy and daddy love you so much. You are the sweetest baby boy and we cannot imagine life without you. You always make us smile and you are the best thing that has ever happened to us. Happy birthday sweet boy!


  1. Happy 1st brithday!
    I'm sure that I was reading that he was 9 month old literally a few weeks ago lol x x