Friday, November 25, 2011


Sunday Truitt spiked a 102.2 temperature.  I know that's not SUPER high but it sounded too high to be from teething and I didn't see any teeth coming in. Monday the temp stayed around 100 but he was acting fine except for some green slimy poo so I figured it was a bit of a virus. Since he was eating well and acting happy we decided that a doctor's visit wasn't needed.  All night Monday and into Tuesday morning he was up coughing so I called the nurse on Tuesday and she told me to give him Benadryl and if he lost his appetite or started acting different to bring him in.  He did ok the rest of Tuesday and Wednesday but yesterday his cough became wet sounding.  Today when he woke up his chest was rattling and the cough sounded HORRIBLE so we took him in.  Our dr wasn't in but we saw one of his partners and she was really nice.  He has the start of an ear infection and an awful upper respiratory infection which she is almost certain is viral especially because of the early fever and green poo!  So- we have an antibiotic for the ear infection and she also prescribed Albuterol for his tight wheezy chest.  She asked if there was a family history of asthma; my sister and mother in law both have a very mild case and as I kid I had seasonal asthma which I outgrew.  I surely hope that T-man isn't going to have to deal with it!  Anyway, we are to follow up with Dr L next Friday unless the symptoms are gone.

This put a damper on our Black Friday shopping plans but we still made it to Toys R Us where I spent $105 and saved 107!!! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!


  1. Aww, hope he gets better soon! He is going to have a super great Christmas, you saved a ton!

  2. I hope he feels better soon, poor little man.