Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Party Planning

So being that the first birthday is now less than a month away party planning is, and has been, in full swing. A few months ago I asked E what theme he wanted for Truitt's First birthday and he said farm so I grabbed that and ran with it. Our shower was western themed as is T's nursery so it is definitely fitting.

Thank goodness for pinterest because that's where most of my ideas have come from. As for food we are going with BBQ because it'll be easy and feed a lot. I also saw some pins that I'm hoping to do as well!

So far I have gotten his gifts (we only got a tool workbench, some clothes and shoes for him because I know he will be getting a lot of gifts), booked the photographer, ordered the tableware and now it's time to make my DIY list and get started on the decor!


  1. I love the idea of naming food to coincide with the party theme! Everyone at Carter's party thought I was so creative to give the food "robot" names. I finally had to admit that it was a pinterest find :)

  2. Everybody who blogs always goes with a neat theme for their kid's birthday party, and it makes me feel guilty that I just provided a lot of food, but no theme, when Noah turned 1. lol.

    You should get him a cow diaper to go with his farm theme:)


  3. OMG I can nto believe we are talking about first birthdays already, seems like yesterday we were counting down the days to the big due date :) the theme sounds like a lot of fun, i have not given much thought to Loui's first birthday yet, but I'm sure once he turns 11 months I will start planning :-) can't wait to see the pics of his big day...

  4. So cute!! Where did the time go!? Our babies are almost a year!