Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Party Planning

So being that the first birthday is now less than a month away party planning is, and has been, in full swing. A few months ago I asked E what theme he wanted for Truitt's First birthday and he said farm so I grabbed that and ran with it. Our shower was western themed as is T's nursery so it is definitely fitting.

Thank goodness for pinterest because that's where most of my ideas have come from. As for food we are going with BBQ because it'll be easy and feed a lot. I also saw some pins that I'm hoping to do as well!

So far I have gotten his gifts (we only got a tool workbench, some clothes and shoes for him because I know he will be getting a lot of gifts), booked the photographer, ordered the tableware and now it's time to make my DIY list and get started on the decor!

Monday, November 28, 2011

11 Months!!!

12mo clothes (although they're too big but 6-9is too short)
size 5 shoes!
size 3 diapers/cloth on medium rise

11 months old.  We are one month away from the big birthday.  This time last year I was enjoying my HUGE belly and wondering how many more weeks until I met my sweet boy.  As I type this right now my big boy is sitting in his high chair across from me and feeding himself cheerios, apple chunks and banana.  It is amazing to think about how much things have changed in a year!!!

Truitt is ALWAYS on the go these days.  He is practically running and rarely falls down but he bumps into things quite often.  He loves playing with anything that has wheels and he has balls of many shapes and sizes that he constantly throws and chases after.  We always tell him "vroom vroom" when he's playing with his cars and he now growls while pushing them! I definitely need to get a video of that.  He says "ball" and this month he also started saying Milk (although it sounds like "mill").  He regularly says Mama and Dada although they both apply to E and I still. He says bye and waves and he even started blowing kisses this past week! When he hears the garage door open he now perks up and starts saying "da?" "dada!" "da!" until E walks in the door so I guess he is learing the association of who is who although doesn't use it all of the time!  He has also started asking for food by saying "uhnum" (i'm guessing from us asking if he wants MumMums) and extends his fist towards what he is wanting.

This month Truitt learned how to drink from a straw! It was one of the most exciting "unexpected milestones" because now we don't have to worry about toting around a sippy cup!  He is still breastfeeding anywhere from 5-?? times a day and 2-6 times a night.  We sign for milk and he won't sign back but starts bouncing his arms in excitment.  For breakfast he will sometimes eat oatmeal with a fruit puree although he prefers finger foods so he will get dry cereal, fruit and sometimes toast or oatmeal. He has a midmorning snack of either GoldFish, Graham Crackers, yogurt or fruit.  Lunch is normally left overs from the night before and supper is whatever we are having.  Fish, nuts, milk and honey are still off limits.  I stick to just water in his cup BUT daddy always gives him diluted juice for breakfast.

Sleep has been back and forth.  Since he has gotten sick he has actually slept better waking only 2 or 3 times a night but we still have nights where he wants to nurse all.night.long but luckily they're becomming less frequent.  All along we have said we are going to transition him into his crib over Christmas break but I don't know if I'm ready for it.  I LOVE the cuddles and having the comfort in knowing he's RIGHT there with me.  We will see!

This month Truitt's fourth tooth, top left laternal incisor, came in.  It looks like he may be getting another one of the bottom left but his central top ones are no where to be seen so he will remain our little vampire for a while longer!

Truitt's routine is still pretty similar although daylight savings time messed us up!!!  He will normally wake up between 6:30 and 7 and we play for a while and then eat breakfast.  Nap time (in my lap while nursing) is mid morning and then he's up for more play and lunch.  After lunch there's another nap and then Daddy gets home.  Daddy keeps T busy for a little while so I can shower, clean up and get supper started.  Supper, bath and then bedtime around 8!

Truitt, you are such a joy in our life and we couldn't be happier.  Your kisses and cuddles are the sweetest thing we have ever experienced and we are so proud of how smart, strong and loving you are.  I cannot believe that you are going to be a year old in just one short month.  We love you SO much!

11 Month Must Haves

Scensory Balls
I kept hearing the hype about these so I have picked up a few different shapes and sizes.  Truitt loves any sort of ball but these are great because the little spikes make the balls very easy to pick up.  Truitt throws them and will chase after them and shout " ball!"

Unfortunately Truitt has been getting sick with every cold front that pushes in.  We have started sleeping with a coolmist humidifier in our room and it has made a ton of difference and wiped out a lot of his congestion.  It's a little noisy but it's kind of soothing :)

Evenflo Symphony 65 Carseat
I know I blogged about this when we first bought it but now that we have been using it for a while I love it even more.  As I've mentioned before we plan to keep Truitt rearfacing for as long as possible and this is a GREAT seat.  I did have to put two rolled up hand towels under the base for some more recline (as instructed by the manual) and everything else has been just perfect.  Truitt seems to have plenty of room and he also seems quite comfortable. 

Friday, November 25, 2011


Sunday Truitt spiked a 102.2 temperature.  I know that's not SUPER high but it sounded too high to be from teething and I didn't see any teeth coming in. Monday the temp stayed around 100 but he was acting fine except for some green slimy poo so I figured it was a bit of a virus. Since he was eating well and acting happy we decided that a doctor's visit wasn't needed.  All night Monday and into Tuesday morning he was up coughing so I called the nurse on Tuesday and she told me to give him Benadryl and if he lost his appetite or started acting different to bring him in.  He did ok the rest of Tuesday and Wednesday but yesterday his cough became wet sounding.  Today when he woke up his chest was rattling and the cough sounded HORRIBLE so we took him in.  Our dr wasn't in but we saw one of his partners and she was really nice.  He has the start of an ear infection and an awful upper respiratory infection which she is almost certain is viral especially because of the early fever and green poo!  So- we have an antibiotic for the ear infection and she also prescribed Albuterol for his tight wheezy chest.  She asked if there was a family history of asthma; my sister and mother in law both have a very mild case and as I kid I had seasonal asthma which I outgrew.  I surely hope that T-man isn't going to have to deal with it!  Anyway, we are to follow up with Dr L next Friday unless the symptoms are gone.

This put a damper on our Black Friday shopping plans but we still made it to Toys R Us where I spent $105 and saved 107!!! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Still Momma's Lil Vampire!

So I know I'm awful to hold him down like this but I'm not sure when more teeth will come in and I didn't want to miss the opportunity!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Truitt's first haircut!

To be honest, I wasn't looking forward to this-at all.  I knew that cutting his hair was going to make him look even more like a toddler and less like a baby and it's one more "first" to check off meaning my baby is growing up FAST.  E was ready to get T's haircut a while ago and I finally said ok.  His "sideburns" were falling into his ears and the back was getting pretty long as well.  A few weeks ago we checked out a kids salon while we were out running errands and finally went in today for the appointment.  Everything went GREAT! Truitt didn't even mind the clippers!!!

And he got a sucker!

Friday, November 11, 2011


I met my first Weight Watchers goal to lose 21.6 pounds and be at my wedding weight!  This week I lost another 2.2lbs for a 13wk total of 21.8 pounds! My next goal is 18.8lbs away and is the weight I was when I met E, you know- before getting HAPPY FAT, over four years ago.  Ideally I'd like to meet in in 3 months time BUT I am not going to miss out on Holiday delicousness and I know the more you lose, the harder it gets so I'm not going to be reasonable about it. The 14th will mark 3 months on the plan and I am thrilled with my results!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

30 Days of Grattitude Days 5-8

Day 5: Coparenting
You never realize how much you rely on your spouse until they're gone for the weekend! E has a deer lease and while he always offers to stay home and really feels guilty about going, I always insist that he goes.  This past weekend was opening weekend so he headed out Friday night and didn't get home until Sunday afternoon.  Saturday we had a birthday party to go to and I had a screaming (growling) baby following me while I was trying to shower, do my hair and makeup and get dressed.  I have SO much respect for all of the single mommas and mommas that are doing it on their own out there!

Day 6: My grandma
I am thankful for being close to my grandma and being able to see her almost every Sunday. My Nana is 85 and while her health and memory are slowly declining she still SO much joy from watching Truitt.  We try to make it out there every Sunday for supper and I am so blessed for having the opporunity to see her so often. Truitt is very blessed to have so many great grandparents in his life!

Day 7: I am thankful for being able to breastfeed and being able to donate my extra milk to a baby in need today.
I have never been able to pump more than an ounce or so at a time but I had built about 20oz in the freezer up.  A while back I donated some to a friend in need and then this weekend several local moms posted on Eats on Feets needing milk for their babies so I donated those 20oz I had built back up.  Breastfeeding luckily came very easy to me and I know SO many mommas fight so hard to get it to work and are unable to so I never take it forgranted that we're able to have such a great nursing relationship!

Day 8: Better Sleep!
Truitt slept SO much better than normal last night!  I have had a HORRIBLE headache since Sunday afternoon and I'm pretty sure it was from not sleeping.  Anyway, last night he went to sleep around 8:30pm and didn't wake up until 3:30.  After nursing he then slept until about 7:20! It was AMAZING sleeping 7 hours straight for the first time in well over a year!!! And after that 7 hours to get another 4- wahoo!!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

30 Days of Grattitude: Day 4

This is my 12th week on WW and I am down 2.2 more pounds for the week making my total 19.6lbs and average of 1.6lbs/week.  The recommended healthy average to lose is 1-2lbs per week so I'm right there and it feels great.  I am losing this weight just by watching what I'm eating and not through some radical surgery or crazy pills.  I am really proud of myself and while I know this first (almost) 20lbs is just a drop in the bucket for how much I still need to lose I am very happy with it!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Truitt does Tricks

So Truitt started waving and doing "kunckles" on 10/17, shaking his head No on 10/28 and clapping on 10/29... here we got everything!  Notice how he claps with one open hand and a fist..!?

30 Days of Grattitude: Day 3

I am thankful for the blessing that is my son. I never knew that I could be this happy and this in love. He makes everything worth it. The 10wks of colic, the night wakings, the tantrums- none of those can even begin to damper how much I love my sweet boy!


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Can you do me a favor?

Go and vote for Truitt to win this costume contest.  All you have to do is "like" the photo!  Thank you so much!!!


We are 13 votes behind right now.

30 Days of Grattitude: Day 1 (and 2)

Ok, so I saw this all over facebook and blogger and while I'm not sure I can actually post it each day I have every intention of saying what I'm thankful for every day in Novemeber.

Day 1:  My husband
E and I "met" through y@hoo personals and after talking for 3 months we met in person and since then we have seen each other almost every day.  Our first date was September 15th, 2007, we were engaged November 22nd, 2007, bought our first house at the end of December and got married just over a year later on February 21st, 2009.  He really is very different from me but it has been great for us.  He grounds me while I make him relax.  Through struggling with IF, conceiving, and now parenting I realize each day how thankful I am for him and how he really is my perfect match!

Day 2:  A healthy pregnancy
I know what a blessing this was although I don't aways think about it.  So many people try so hard to get pregnant and are unable to and countless others are able to conceive yet they are crippled with health scares, complications, and other difficulties.  I am so thankful for how wonderful, easy, and beautiful my pregnancy was.  I absolutely loved being pregnant and hope that we are able to experience it again soon!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

10 Months!




Pictures aren't that great this month because he was throwing the biggest fit every time I tried.

Size 3 diapers (although we're probably 75% cloth)
Just bumped up to 12month clothes although they're too baggy but 6-9 was too short

10 months.  Double Digits. No matter how you put it, Truitt has been outside longer than he was inside.  I cannot believe that in two short months- and I've definitely come to realize by now that they will be short- Truitt will be ONE YEAR OLD!  Where has the time gone?  As much as I love each new stage, I still miss my tiny newborn (and yes I remember my tiny newborn screamed nonstop for 10weeks) and cannot believe my baby is more toddler than he is baby!

This month has been so much fun and boy, has Truitt kept us busy! He has mastered walking.  Last month he had timidly taken a few steps here and there but he took off a week after turning 9 months and that wobbly little guy has turned into a FAST and confident walker.  He rarely spends any time crawling and is very steady and extremely fast on his feet.  He has also mastered going out of the dog door and while E thought it was SO CUTE for him to do it drives me crazy! I know he would have figured it out sooner or later but it is exhausting running after him all day!  The door does shut but then the dogs are stuck in or out.  Truitt also loves drawers and cabinets.  We got babyproof locks on the pantry and under the sink cabinets in the kitchen and he HATES them.  He will grab onto the handles and shake the doors up and down while trying to get them open.  In his room he will open the drawers and pull everything out. He also enjoying dumping his trash can. 

Truitt has tried a lot of new food this month.  We are staying away from fish, milk, nuts, eggs, and honey but everything else is pretty much fair game.  This month he tried both meat and bread and he LOVES them both!  He also had spaghetti for the first time :)  I am trying my best to keep him away from processed and sugary foods but I know it is not possible to keep him away from everything bad. Truitt sits in his high chair for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  He normally eats all of his breakfast which is puffs and a homemade chunky fruit puree mixed with oatmeal.  For lunch he normally has organic cheese puffs, a homemade chunky veggie puree and some yogurt as well as whatever I'm eating.  Supper is whatever we are eating.  He still nurses on demand which is about 5 times during the day and anywhere from 3-8 times a night.  He has a sippy with water available all day and we are working on a straw but he isn't making much progress on it.

Truitt FINALLY started saying Mama! While he doesn't use Mama and Dada descrimentaly he will look at either of us and say it.  He had been babling mumumumumum for a while but that didn't count.  He also says bye bye althought it comes out as "ahbye."  This month he has started waving but instead of opening and closing his hand he waves his whole arm up and down and if you say "knuckles" he will bump fist with you!  I am still signing "milk" "up" and "more" to him and while I am certain he understands them, he has yet to sign back.  I have been told (as well as have read) that since he has done the gross motor skills earlier than most kids, his speech and fine motor skills will happen a little later. On his actual 10 Month b-day he started shaking his head no and it is the cutest.thing.ever!

Recently Truitt has started playing ball and I have to admit, it's adorable!  He will pick up the ball, hold it over his head (or try to-his arms aren't quite long enough), throw and then toddle after it and repeat!  He also LOVES playing with a battery operated 4wheler that our neighbor gave us.  We kept it in the garage and when he was out there he'd make a beeline for it so E finally brought it inside.  He doesn't understand to push the button to make it go but he still loves playing with and pushing it!

Sleep is about the same.  We had one really good night where he slept for 6 hours straight but his normal is still to stir until he latches on to nurse about every 3 hours.  Bedtime is around 8pm and he has been waking up between 7&7:30 each morning.  I'm anxious to see how he reacts to daylight savings time.

I think that's about it for our update.  10 months... blows my mind!

Truitt, we love you more and more each day and you make everyone so happy.  You have so much character and we love you so much!  Happy 10 months sweet baby boy!