Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tooth #3 is on its way

After no new teeth for over 2 months the icky teething monster is back.  At first I thought it was his canine coming but I'm pretty sure that it is upper right lateral incisor.  The left side looks pretty similar to his right but not quite as close to breaking through the gumline. My baby is going to look like a vampire for Halloween with side but no middle teeth!


I am so sad to loose even MORE of the gummy smile :( Why is he growing up so fast?!


  1. I agree with you, why are they growing up so fast?!? I don't like it! Yorlee is Miss Independent. She no longer wants my help with anything. She STILL doesn't have any teeth, nor is she walking. But she's already saying words outside of Ma-ma, Da-da, and Ba-ba. Yesterday, she was looking at a bird flying by and I said, "Bird. That's bird." To which she replied, "Buurd?" I couldn't belive it. She kept saying it and pointing to the bird. I swear, I want my teeny tiny baby back!!!

  2. Aww bless, hope it doesn't bother him too much . . Joshy still hasn't got any teeth, one started to come through but then it went back down, apparently this happens :s

  3. Z two bottom teeth broke through at five months. I love it! He looks so cute with these little pearlers flashing through every time he smiles! We don't get much warning though because he literally goes from flat gums to tooth overnight. He's been drooling and biting since three months so we just don't get solid indicators! Teeth are good. Teeth=chewing =more fun food to play with!

  4. ok I'm just amazed you could get this photo!!! Clara seems to have BOTH middle bottom teeth coming in - fun fun. she won't let us get anywhere near her mouth much less take a picture!

    lol at the vampire comment!

  5. Ellie had the same one come through about two weeks ago. Her left is almost ready now...just a few more days I'm thinking. Sounds like T and E are on the same teething schedule. :) These two should meet someday. Saw Dr. L on Monday...have I mentioned how much I love that guy?! :) Double ear infection...tubes are most likely in our future he tells me. Boo! But, I'll be glad to get that done so we don't worry about hearing loss or speech delays.