Monday, October 24, 2011

Still no tooth

But really, how long can a tooth be THIS close to popping through?!? It really is looking like we will have vampire teeth by Halloween!


  1. It took Carter from 3-7 days for most of his the teeth that he has. Hope it breaks through soon for little man!!

  2. I am wondering when the one on the left will pop through for Ellie. The girl is drooling like crazy!! Hoping T has his vampire teeth soon! :)

  3. Joshy started teething then it went back in and hasnt been drooling as much now :s

  4. Hopefully it breaks through soon, because that's miserable!

    About the pants - Noah has always been really tall (over 100th percentile) but only 25-50th percentile for weight, so we have a hard time with pants. But I found pants at Children's Place that have the inner elastic adjustable waistband. We have all his pants, which are 3T, cinched up as tight as possible.

    Every company should make pants like that!

  5. Poor guy. He really WILL look like a vampire! A handsome one, to be sure! :)
    That big honker Elliot has been working on is juuuuust about in- I can feel the ridges JUST below the gums.