Sunday, October 16, 2011

Nursing while Babywearing

A few of you asked so this is for you!


I figured there was NO way I could make this work.  Truitt has a very long torso and I have big saggy boobs so when I'm wearing him my nipples are pretty much at his waist so that obviously just wont' work, right? Wrong!  After seeing this link about nursing in a Boba Carrier (I do NOT have a Boba but my carrier is similar in construction) I figued I'd follow what they sugguested and give it a try.  I almost always have a tank on under my shirt so before I got T in I made sure my shirt could easily be lifted (dark gray) while the tank (light gray) was covering me.  I then loosened the waist strap a LITTLE to lower T a bit and then also loosened the straps a little so he was able to slouch instead of being so upright.  Then, using the arm of the side I was nursing on I pulled my breast up high enough to where he could comfortably reach my nipple and he latched great.  His body was pushing against my chest which kept everything in place but I could also comfortablly keep my hand up there if needed.  My top shirt laid on top of my breast, my arm covered the side and his head covered the front so nothing was exposed.  I'm pretty sure most people just figured he was sleeping and didn't notice he was nursing.  I did have a few "oops" moments where he lifted my top shirt and more boob flashed than I would like but no nipple and he does that when I'm holding him and he's nursing.  After he finished I clipped  my bra back and tightened up the straps so we both had better posture and we were good as gold.

Someone had also sugguested that if you need help lifiting your breast to roll up a receiving blanket and place it under as if it were a shelf but I don't think that's necessary seeing as we made this work.

So, read that link and try it for yourself... HOPEFULLY it can work for you because it sure makes things a heck of a lot easier!!!


  1. That's awesome! You are a breast feeding champ! After seeing this and hearing about your car-nursing, I'm impressed!

  2. Seriously, I have a Sleepy Wrap which is exactly like that boba carrier, and Noah's head is way too high up to have a prayer of reaching my boob. And I have small boobs, even as a nursing mama, so I can't be lifting them up any further. I can't push him down any further, either.

    Man, I wish this would work for me. It sounds so simple but it is anatomically impossible for me!

  3. That is so freaking awesome! So happy for you that nursing has gone so well.

  4. That's great! Yet another reason I wish nursing had worked out with Carter though :( Hopefully down the road when we have another baby it will happen...and then I can remember your advice :)