Wednesday, October 5, 2011

9 Month Well Visit

Truitt is 18lbs 5oz (25%) 28.25inches (75%) and his head circumference is 18.25in (85%).  He's staying on the same curves that he's been on and Dr L was happy with that.  I was worried because 2 weeks ago he was 18lbs 11oz with clothes on and I asked if it was because he started walking but Dr L said it's probably just because he had a big poop ;)!!!  He was very surprised to hear that he was walking and told us it's time for another baby then!  Here's our visit in bullet form:

*HYDROCELES-  They look like they have gone down but it's just because the rest of him has grown. His left testicle is still REALLY big and has a possible small hernia with it and the right is slightly smaller but still bigger than it should be.  Dr L does not think it is going to go away on its own but wants to wait until after 12months to refer us to a pediatric urologist.  If we need to have surgery then it will be done about an hour away and SHOULD be an in and out procedure.  I googled the procedure and it doesn't sound too bad but I can't imagine my baby having to have surgery.  I think the worst part will be keeping him from nursing before.

*Oral Care- Use either a baby tooth brush, finger brush or washcloth to wipe down his gums at night time and to gently scrub his teeth.  Baby toothpaste is fine but not needed.  He doesn't see any more teeth close to coming in.

*How much water should he be drinking-  He said TWO sippy cups worth... uh, I don't even think he even drinks one cup the whole day but since he's nursing so often and not constipated Dr L said it should be ok.  He also said we can introduce light colored juice diluted at least 1/2 & 1/2 if we want.

*Can he eat eggs? Berries? Cheese?
No on eggs.  He sugguests not even doing egg yolks until 1 year.  If something is cooked with eggs (pancakes for example) that's fine but not to give him scrambled eggs.  I know PLENTLY of babies that have already eaten eggs and are fine but we will probably wait a bit longer.  Strawberries and raspberries are fine to try.  He may get a small rash around his face from them but it's not an allergic reaction unless the rash is all over his body.  Cheese he said is fine as long as it's a yellow, cooked cheese.  He also said to do 3 meals and 2 snack a day which is what we've been doing. No fish, cow's milk, or eggs until at least one. No peanuts or any tree nuts until 18months-2 years and no honey until at least 2 years.

*No Words Yet-  Dr L said this is completely fine especialy because he babbles so much.  He also said since he's already walking he will just talk later than babies who aren't as mobile because right now he's concentrating on mastering walking rather than talking.  He says ma, ba, da, buh, and uh so there's no worries that he isn't calling me mama yet.

Well that's it! We decided to get his flu shot so we go back in a month to get the second booster of it and then we're good to go until his 12mo visit just after the first of the year.  They drew his blood from his finger (he didn't cry and was fascinated with watching it drip!) to check for anemia and lead... we should know the results in the next week or so!


  1. Ethan doesn't even have one sippy cup most days! We're right there with ya. I read in our Baby Bullet Cookbook that cheese is okay, so, I've been giving him shredded cheese here and there.

    Ethan got his flu shot today, too. We go back next month for part 2. Poor guy got his finger pricked, too...he was so upset.

  2. good luck with the surgery, I'm sorry baby T has to have one so early, but it's no biggy, he won't feel a thing. He is such a big boy :) you must be so proud Samantha, may God bless him for you and keep him safe always. I've been giving loui 3 meals a day and one snack, but the water, uhhh, he only drinks like an ounce a day, if that! i mix half juice half water and he is still not a big fan! let me know if you find something T likes to drink so that I can try to give it to Loui. Happy 9 months check-up :D

  3. Sounds like a good visit!

    Jason & I disagree on egg - he thinks it's fine, I think he should wait. He had the white of a hard boiled egg and nothing happened so I'm not sure what to think.

    Jason thinks I'm overprotective, I think I'm being smart. Ugh. I guess we ask the doctor and let him settle it!

  4. wonderful that the prick went so well!

    lol Clara has had everything - eggs, all kinds of cheeses (hard and soft), non-clear juice, a couple of kinds of fish.... luckily for us, our doc apparently thinks we're making informed decisions and just leaves us to it :-)

    I'm impressed you're doing so many meals and snacks! it's such a hassle to get the baby in and out of the highchair, find a clean bib, etc etc and Clara is only getting 2 meals a day usually. we have GOT to do better! she drinks about a half sippy of water most days.

    so sorry about the boy part problems!! he'll be fine, though :)

  5. That is really interesting about the water. Carter drinks maybe a cup a day (although I think most of it pours out of his mouth and down his shirt). I pray that T doesn't have to have surgery, but if so I know it will go smoothly. What type of procedure do they perform for that?

  6. As far as I've read, they will make a very small incision (2cm) in the skin fold of his groin, locate and drain the fluid sac and then stitch the muscle wall closed. I have a friend that her son had to have it done at just 5months old because his was so severe and she said he was good to go within a few hours after surgery.