Sunday, October 30, 2011

#4- Vampire for Halloween?

Truitt is STILL sick and it very well could be because he got two teeth in one week but he's been running steady fever and now has little appetite and is starting to sound wheezy. So, unless he gets better over night I'm calling in the morning for an appointment.

Tooth #4- top left lateral incisor finally popped through the gum line today. I don't think I've ever heard of a baby getting the side teeth before the middle! Momma's lil vampire! This was the best picture I could get of it though!


  1. poor little vampire!! Alexandra is getting 4 on the top all at once now! I feel so bad for her! but there is no way in hell she would let me get anywhere near thme to take a pic so I think you did a pretty awesome job getting little T to "smile" for the camera!!!

  2. those 2 teeth took the longest and seemed the most painful for audrey. seriously, i could see them just under the gums for weeks! hang in there! giving her a frozen washcloth to bite on seems to give her the most relief when she's cutting a tooth.

  3. I had never heard of getting the side teeth before the middle ones either. But my friend's baby who was the same age as Noah did that, and since then I've seen a bunch of other babies do it. His middle ones will probably catch up quickly:)

    Noah and I are still sick too. I'm pretty sure its influenza, because of Noah's high fever at the beginning.

  4. Poor guy! Hoping he's better soon! My nephew got his laterals before his centrals. He was a cute little vampire too.

    Ellie got her top right lateral incisor last week and the bottom left lateral a few days later. Now she's working on the opposites. I'm thinking they'll pop through any day now. She got her bottom central incisors both in July on the same day. I think we are soooo lucky. She's not overly fussy when she's teething. She just drools buckets and has a runny nose.