Friday, October 28, 2011


My baby boy feels HOT :( yesterday a cold front blew in; it was 80* on Tuesday and yesterday's high was only 50*. Anyway, T woke up yesterday morning very congested and sneezy but no temperature so we just did a few doses of Benadryl. Around 7 he started feeling warm and his temp was right around 100 so we gave him some tylenol and he went to sleep. At 3am (oh and I stayed up til almost midnight watching the World Series) I woke up and he felt HOT. His temperature had risen to 101.3 so I gave him done Motrin and that woke him up. He's been tugging at his right ear which he also tends to do when he's tired but his lymph node is swollen although the swelling could be because of the drainage. I hate that WE PAY for insurance and the coverage is so crappy that I second (and third and fourth...) guess on if we should go to the doctor. A standard sick visit costs us $78.11! $30 copay and then we get billed $48.11 since we haven't met our monstrous $1500 deductible! ARGH!!!

So for now we are back in the recliner and nursing until his fever breaks. Based on his behavior and if his temp comes back up we may be going to see Dr L this morning.

Oh, sweet (sick) baby boy is 10 months today!!!


  1. Noah got sick yesterday too. It was really sudden. He was fine in the morning, so we went to playgroup, and then pretty much as soon as we got home he was acting distressed and uncomfortable and wouldn't eat his lunch. When I took him out of his high chair he was sooo hot. His temp was 101.2. He has a cough, congestion, and a runny nose. I've been dosing him with Advil and Tylenol ever since, and he just woke up to nurse now at 6am and was super hot again. I think it must be influenza, considering how quickly it came on and the fever being the first symptom.

    Our poor little monkeys:( I hate when little ones are sick.

    That sucks about your crappy insurance. I live in Canada, where we just go to the doctor or hospital and never have to worry about paying a cent. But I never take Noah to the doctor when he's sick. 90% of the time it's viral and they couldn't do anything anyway. So I just keep him home where it's comfortable.

    Hope Truitt gets better soon!

  2. All of his suffering could be from teething. Carter's worse symptoms actually came after his tooth had already broken through the gum. He had runny nose, fever, coughing, sneezing, watery eyes. We did go to the doctor and he said that the fever was most likely from teething but everything else a cold. I've read online that most doctors don't believe a runny nose & other "cold-like" symptoms are from teething...but most moms will tell you that these are common teething symptoms for their kids. All I know is the day after seeing the doctor Carter was just about 100% back to normal. I believe it was all from teething. Just hang in there with Truitt!! If the fever gets any higher I'd probably go to the doctor just in case though.

  3. Oh, and happy 10 months Truitt!! Feel better soon buddy!!

  4. Boo! So sorry he isn't feeling well. Hope he's doing better after some snuggle time with mama! And if you had to take him to the dr, at least you know he's in good hands. :)