Wednesday, September 14, 2011


My old job had FANTASTIC insurance.  I was covered free of cost and to add a child was about $60/month and I think spouse and child was around $100.  I only had a $250 deductible and the coverage was fantastic.  Obviously when I quit I lost my insurance and Truitt and I were added on to E's plan.  For the second to lowest coverage we pay OVER $600 A MONTH JUST FOR OUR PREMIUM.  Seeing as that's $7200/year you'd think we'd have amazing coverage but that couldn't be further form the truth.  Well-care is covered 100% until $500 BUT for a newborn that goes to the doctor 7 times in the first year we hit the $500 before his 4month visit and then had a lovely $200 bill slapped in our face for his 4mo well visit and shots and again at 6months.  As he gets older and only goes to the doctor once or twice a year it shouldn't be a problem.  Anything that is NOT well-care is paid at 80% AFTER we meet our deductible and pay $30 each visit.  Our deductible is $1200/person or $3000 a family.  SO THAT MEANS THAT WE HAVE TO PAY $8400-$10,200 A YEAR BEFORE INSURANCE PICKS UP ANYTHING OTHER THAN WELL-CARE.  Are you freaking kidding me?!?!?!?!  So, when I took Truitt in for an ear infection and to fix his adhesion we had to pay $30 copay PLUS $350.86.  And the time I thought he had another ear infecton but it was just teething we paid $30 PLUS $69.21.  So we can see some good in this as we're getting closer to meeting the deductible so that things are actually covered, right? WRONG! While we have now met $560.56 (what we paid out of pocket not including $600monthly or $30copays) of the $1200, our deductible reset Septemeber 1st and we are back to flipping zero!!!

E works for a very large public school and they told them that the reason their premium is so high is that 1- the majority of employees are teachers so they're exposed to germs and therefore get sick more often and 2- most are women of childbearing age which= expense on the insurance's part.  UGH! We are going to try to get private insurance through our life insurance company BUT we can't do that until open enrollment in the spring so we're stuck with this.

AND WHAT REALLY BOILS MY BLOOD is when I see SO many of my peers on medicaid (free government insurance) that have more spending money than us.  Seriously, you can go out to eat 6 times a week, get Starbucks daily, have your nails done weekly but you don't have to pay for insurance AND you get free baby formula/food/breastpump through WIC? WHAT THE HELL!? yes I know that all people on medicaid are not like this but around here a TON are. How is it that after we pay for insurance and full price for our groceries that we have less money left over than those on welfare.  To say the system is flawed is an understatement.  UGH!!!!!


  1. I'm sorry. :( That is a lot to meet prior to getting any help. I have decent insurance through my work, it's been great this year since we met the deductible with Dayne's birth.

  2. Amen to all that you wrote, especially that last part! We have pretty good insurance through my husband's job, it's one of the few reasons he's sticking around til we're done having kids. I really hope you guys can figure something out! I've heard some pediatrician's have lower charges if you don't have insurance, which is crazy I know, but it might be more affordable.