Friday, September 23, 2011

Are you kidding me...

So here's the response to one of my status updates today.  T is my brother-in-law (husband's brother) and D is his wife.  They are currently pregnant with their first child (she has two boys 9 and 7 that she had in high school that do not live with her) and she refers to the baby she is carrying as "the parasite" and makes comments about how she hopes this is worth it, how the kid is going to tear her a new one and how all she wants is to drink. 

Ok, it's kinda hard to read- here's what was said
My status update: In other, less happy, news- GREY'S DIDN'T RECORD LAST NIGHT!!!! Ugh! Guess I'll be watching on the computer during T's nap (you know since he's in my lap it's not like I can do anything productive!)
T: Lay him down in bed after he falls asleep
Me: Hahahaha that's funny T! As soon as I move he's up!
T: Really, so how does he sleep at night?
D: I was thinking the same...thats prob why he doesnt let u sleep. Bad habits
Me: In bed with us snuggled up against me, nursing most if the night. Before he was born I said I would NEVER cosleep but when you have a colicky baby who won't sleep otherwise you have to do what you can and then when they outgrow the colic but still wake up every 2hrs all night it's a lot easier on everyone for them to be in bed with you so they get right back to sleep instead of getting so worked up they're up for an hour calming down.
D: T just so u know, we r giving our baby camomile tea for colics...thats what i gave the other 2 n never had a problem.
Me: We tried everything they make. I'm just blessed that Truitt only had it for 10wks instead of E that had it for a year and slept on his dad's chest in a recliner for over a year because of it.
D:I always used home remedies and herbal remedies frm my grandmother....used in our family for years and always worked. I myself dont like commercial chemically medicines unless its absolutely necessary or perscribed for something health threatening
Me: We used gripe water and colic calm, both are 100% homeopathic and contain chamomile. They did nothing for him. I'm all for home remedies and herbal hence the fact that he is breastfed and is just now starting processed food but if your chld has full out colic good luck on getting something to work. If it's just the occasional upset tummy I'm sure it will help but we tried everything and NOTHING worked. I pray that the baby doesn't have it because I know how hard it is and how hard it is to watch your baby be so unhappy. Thankfully Truitt outgrew it around 10wks.
D: Well if he has it or not....ive been through it twice and babysat alot of babies for yrs. I have a really idea on how to treat most anything.
Me: That's going to be a blessing! It was a rough 10wks!

I was trying my best to be considerate but seriously.  Bad habits?! I'm pretty sure not seeing your two children, cussing like a sailor and binge drinking are just a tad more serious than cosleeping.  AND THEN HER STATUS UPDATE AFTER ALL OF THIS "Well i download this app on preg stuff and things ive read elsewhere, and i have come to the conclusion that some mothers get to damn korny with their kids...geez i love my kids but i dont have them attached to my spine like monkeys. If you ask me, those korny moms just have nothing else to do. Gracias a Dios yo no soy payasa!" That last line basically says 'Thank God I'm not one of those clowns.'  Raising my child is the most important thing I have EVER done.  They are only young once so why wouldn't you want to spend every possible moment with them molding them into the best person they can be!??!

Am I overreacting?!?!


  1. Wowser! Those 2 have no filter do they?! Seemed like a lose-lose situation no matter how you responded because obviously those parents of the year you are related to are way smarter than you! I completely agree with you, when you have a colicky baby ( I did for 3 1/2 months) you'll do anything, including not move an inch or breath to loud if it means they will finally sleep!

  2. What a B-word!!! I thought you were super nice considering her know it all attitude. Did she really have to come back with a response to everything you said. I'm so annoyed and you are NOT overreacting!

  3. Um, no. You are NOT overreacting. Reading that exchange made me want to friend you on FB just so I can give that freaking idiot a piece of my mind.

    Sorry. I need to think happy thoughts now. But just know I've got your back!

  4. I would be annoyed too. She is a "one-upper", you will never get the last word. Be annoyed. Vent. But don't let it bother you too much.

    Your a good mama! And Truitt is perfect. Your no clown. And your not korny either.

  5. You all are welcome to find me on FB if you'd like!/profile.php?id=662625542 Sam.antha.Powe rs.All.ison just please don't mention the blog. I need a place to vent obviously!

  6. I think everyone has a person like this in their family. It's much easier said then done when it comes to colicky high needs babies. Some ppl are also too selfish to put their childrens needs before their own & she's obviously one of those people. Your doing what's best for YOUR son and you are an awesome mama. I would much rather have a spider monkey baby than I detached baby.

  7. she is an idiot. speaks/writes like a moron and says stupid things. too bad she's in your family :(

    you rock!

  8. Oh my goodness! You are totally NOT overreacting. She sounds awful. So sorry she is part of your family...otherwise I'd say delete her. ugh! You handled the whole thing with class. Good for you! You are doing what's best for are an amazing mom. Keep doing what works for YOU!

  9. Just reading that made me mad for you! You just can't respond to people like that. They only want to make you argue with them, and no one else could possibly be right but them. I've done so many things since Audrey was born that I swore I'd never do. It just goes to show that every baby is different and you do what works for your family and that child. Don't let her bother you!

  10. Totally on your side! What is wrong with people!?!
    Btw...I don't know that I have ever commented on your blog, but I read all of the time. I enjoy reading about your family and adorable little T!

  11. I finally got around to reading this post and I have to say, I would've been mad, too! I'm with you 100%- we coslept for a pretty long time and I still miss it, I would do anything for my baby boy to make him a little happier/healthier, and I'm going to post all the sappy statuses and etc that I want because he is my son and the most important and exciting thing in my life right now!!!
    Sheesh. Sorry you had to deal with that.