Tuesday, September 6, 2011

7 posts

Dare I say it but I'm babysitting today and BOTH boys are asleep right now so I figured I'd try this.  Ashley at Introverted Mama did it so I am too!

1. Your Most Beautiful Moment
Definitely when we had our first ultrasound.  It's one thing to see those two lines on a test but a whole new experience when you see your child on that back and white screen with the heartbeat fluttering away. At that moment I knew the pregnancy was really happening and what a blessing it was!

2. Your Most Popular Blog Post
Weird.  Just a picture post with 134 views

3. Your Most Controvesial Blog Post
Goodness, I have one that I have wanted to write for a LONG time about how I feel about welfare but I haven't gotten the guts (or time) to work on it so I don't know if there's really anything. I think the only one I can think of would be when I talked about my feelings on the importance of delaying solids and Truitt's reacting to rice cereal when we introduced it too early.

4. Your Most Helpful Post
I think you all should answer this for me... I would like to think that my monthly "Must Have" posts are helpful and that my IF posts and then success help as well.  But instead of me helping my readers I am going to choose a post that my readers helped me.  In the early days (And sometimes even much later) Breastfeeding can be very challenging. When I started having doubts/problems/concerns and I posted about it, some of you wonderful women commented and helped me along!

5. A Post Whose Success Surprised You
I really can't believe that the picture post (mentioned in #2) is my all time most viewed! Next to that is birth story which makes plenty of sense as do the other ones listed but really... belly picture has 43 more views than anything else?

6. A Post that Didn't Get the Attention You Thought it Deserved
This is hard.  Before having a baby I figured no comments meant no attention. Now I realize that you're lucky to get to read a blog let alone comment!  Also, with blogger troubles lately and the commenting being messed up there isn't much marking in going by comments but I have to choose so Toilet Paper Monster. I thought it was the cutest video EVER! Having said that though I know a lot of people read from their phone and can't watch videos.  Plus 5 comments isn't bad but I had to choose something

7. The Post You are Most Proud of
Birth Story.  Hands down.  It doesn't matter that I was woozy while writing... it documents the most proud moment OF MY LIFE.

I cannot believe the boys are both still napping! If you have some time, try this! It was neat to look at all of my old posts and I'd love to read yours!!!


  1. I love this and will totally do a post like this for you to read ;)

    I agree that the toilet roll post should have had more attention it's just so cute!
    x x x

  2. I've been so busy that I feel like I haven't been commenting much lately...but I'm still reading :) That is funny that your pic post got the most views. I checked mine out and it is a post I did on couponing - - 351 views!! Weird. LOL!

  3. I loved reading your 7 posts, it's cool to read through them and see how bloggers present them...especially older blogs. The exact reason I chose to do my vlog today was because I had done my hair and I hadn't gotten food or spit up on me yet! I can't wait to hear yours, it's fun to see bloggers "in person"...I'm sure your midwest/texas twang will be interesting!