Monday, August 22, 2011

Weigh In Monday

I weighed this morning after one full week on Weight Watchers and.... I've lost 5.2 pounds! I actually weighed on Friday and at that point was down 7.3 but we went to a birthday party on Friday night, an anniversary party on Saturday and then had our normal Sunday supper at my grandma's house.  I think I'd do better if I weighed on Fridays instead of Mondays but we'll leave it this way.  So far I have not noticed a decrease in my milk supply and that was my biggest worry. Eating has gone pretty well and it's not so much that I'm eating different things now, it's that I am paying a lot of attention to portions and it seems to be working quite well.  I know that I cannot expect to lose this much every week but I am VERY excited and hope it keeps coming off even if it's only a pound or two a week!


  1. great job!!!

    the cushion you asked about is a Hugga-bebe. we really like it.

    have a great week :-)

  2. Way to go! I keep hearing great stuff sbout weight warbirds! So many success stories!

  3. I love WW! I never felt hungry, after that first week on the program, at least.

    Congrats on the loss!

  4. I gave you a blog award! Head on over and check it out =)