Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Still unable to comment on your posts even though I clicked "stay signed in" when I signed in....

sooo sad! I want to comment on your blogs!!!!! Rawr!


  1. I have never had a problem leaving comments, but I know the exact issue you are having. Blogger does the same thing to me if I try to follow a blog directly from their site, it never lets me sign in (even though I'm signed in) or if I try to unfollow a blog. I've tried to get it resolved, with no luck. Have you tried a different browser? Maybe Firefox or Internet Explore (depending on which one you normally use).

    I hope you get it resolved!

  2. I am finally able to comment on your blog. There seems to have been a mix up between an old blog account I had and the new one.

  3. Ok, you want to UNCHECK stay signed in (so that you're not staying signed in if that makes sense). This will mean you have to resign in every time you get back on (major pain) but you can comment that way.

  4. ^^Kelly thank you! I was finally able to comment, i'd been trying all night to do it, thanks again!