Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'm starting a diet...

On Monday!  I know right, why wait?! Well, I've decided to do Weight Watchers (again) and I need to get signed up and make my grocery list and we won't go grocery shopping until Saturday.  So, fresh start Monday.  Back when I went to my yearly checkup with our OBGYN I asked him about dieting and he told me to be careful because any decrease in calories can cause a decrease in supply.  I decided I would just exercise but with it being over 100º for the past 6 or so weeks I cannot bring myself to do anything. So, the plan is to try WW and if my supply goes down then just add  HEALTHY calories back in.

While TTC Truitt I got on WW and lost about 15lbs in 4 months.  During the pregnancy I gained about 40lbs and then lost that within the first few months after having T.  Now I sit +/-3lbs of my pre-pregnancy weight regardless of what I eat.  I have been eating horribly because of this because 1, I'm able to eat whatever and not gain a ton and 2, I am a bigtime "I'm bored and it's here so I might as well eat it" kinda eater.  So I think just a little effort is going to go a long way and as soon as the weather calms down, we're going to start going to the track every evening.

So, my goal!  I would LOVE if I could lose 25lbs by T's first birthday which is when we are going to start thinking about TTC again.  I figure this is a good goal because we are 4.5months away and the average weight loss on WW is 1-2lb/week so if I lose 1lb a week that would be 19lbs and a few weeks I can hope for two.  I was blessed with a pregnancy with no complications due to being overweight but I know that losing weight cannot hurt and I'm really hoping it will help with my fertility and PCOS. 

I know I mentioned starting to think about TTC but right now I don't think I will be ready yet. I do not want Truitt to have to stop nursing just so we can try for another baby but E wants another baby soon.  I think our compromise is going to be that I will get off of the minipill when T turns one.  If he has not self-weaned by then we will not prevent pregnancy but will not persue any IF treatments.  If at 18 months he is still nursing regularly we will wean and then wait to see if I begin to cycle or if we need to start treatments.   The good news is if we wait until 18months that's hopefully another 20-30lbs I can lose!


  1. ahhhhh omg how exciting about ttc #2! I will be living vicariously through you as we are sticking with just one baby!

    I haven't been able to comment on your blog lately (blogger issues) but have been keeping up :)

  2. I had great success with WW when I did it a few years ago. I lost about 25lbs... the bad news is that I quit watching my portions, developed hypothyroidism, had a baby, then got pregnant again. Sigh. I'll be looking for a way to lose some weight starting in January and I think I may do a few months of NutriSystem just to get me started... but really, WW is the only way to go long term. I'll be cheering for you!!

  3. Good luck with the WW! I followed it for a bit after having Forrest and with BF'ing you get an extra 10 points (on the old system) every day so that it doesn't affect your supply!! My mom has also had amazing success through WW losing about 40 lbs!!!
    Also, YAY for TTC #2. I talked to my LC and she told me we wouldn't have to wean to start trying so we are going to start this October! I am soooo excited! I sure as hell hope it doesn't take us long this time to get pregnant though!!! =)

  4. We can be WW buddies, I am starting this coming Friday! Good Luck Hun x

  5. Weight Watchers is awesome and very compatible for nursing moms! Good job Samantha, you can totally do it!!