Thursday, August 25, 2011

Do you hear that REALLY loud running water sound? It's not water- it's bugs! Nasty nasty cicadas.  Not only are they super noisy but my dogs like to dig them up (they burry into the ground) and eat them. AND the nasty bugs occasionally will attack me start screaching and fly up and hit me as I walk outside. EW!!!!

2. See the green grass- it's just one patch from where the water from watering our foundation has run off.  Today was the 54th (I think) day of 100º+ temperatures this summer and I think we're like 15inches below average rainfall for the year or something. It's awful.

3. LOOK AT HOW BIG TRUITT IS!  He no longer does the hunched over "surfer man" stance when he gets up but just pops up straight to standing.  Where'd my baby boy go???


  1. We have just a small patch of greenish grass in our front yard, but the back is dead! ugh! Come on rain and cooler weather!

    Your little guy is so big! He is just adorable!

  2. I know! This summer was way too hot!! I cannot believe how big he's getting! So quickly!

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