Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I have started babysitting a 6 month old (yes this baby is two months YOUNGER than Truitt and he's much bigger than my T!  He is exclusively breastfed with NO solids so I think his momma has a linebacker on her hands!!!) on Tuesdays... I was trying to get a video of Truitt trying to attack him them play together and got a DADA on tape! If you don't mind the screaming stick around until 36 seconds in and hear the sweetest thing ever- well sweetest until he says mama!!!  Oh and you like the screaming? That's his newest trick that he loves to do!!!!


  1. Love the screaming! We have a screamer on our hands too! makes for embarrassing dinners in restaurants! WE also have the exersaucer thing...i recognized the music immediately! ha ha! Truitt is so cute, what a sweet little dada he says!

  2. This video is just way too cute. :) I love it! That other babe doesn't look bigger than Truitt to me, though. Maybe because he's in the bouncer?