Tuesday, August 2, 2011

7 Months!!!



You want me to take a picture with that?!

Ok, I'll smile but you have to guess how many months I am

Big Boy!!!

What I chase after all.day.long

Weight: 17 7.5oz (with clothes and diaper on)
Size 3 diapers
3-6 month onesies and shorts, 6-9 rompers.  We will begin switching his shorts and onesies to 6-9 months soon because he's quickly outgrowing the smaller ones!

*Sorry for the delay! In addition to vacation it is SO hard to take pictures of him sitting down so these were taken over a two day span!*
What an exciting month this has been!  It truely is amazing watching the world through a baby's eyes!  This month Truitt has done so many new things and it is remarkable to watch how quickly he is discovering everything.  He started pulling up (first in his pack&play, then in his crib, now on EVERYTHING) just two days after turning 6 months old.  10 days later he began crawling and within days of that realized that if he got up onto his feet he could bear crawl and go SO much faster!  No matter where he is he willl follow me and he's also a pro about getting into things he shouldn't be.  He LOVES to try to get electrical cords and the toilet and toilet paper holder both are fuascinating as well.  My little daredevil also started climbing AND letting go of things once he's standing!  When we were staying at the hotel he walked from the ottoman, to the recliner to the side table while holding onto each piece! I think we will have a cruiser in a few weeks!!!

Truitt recognizes his name and is starting to show some "stranger danger."  He gets upset when his playmate (Eric, his grand parents, me) gets up and walks away and in the evenings when he's sleepy he doesn't want anyone but his momma. I figure he's tired and since he associates nursing with comfort and sleep that's why he only wants me. He is also starting to get bashful towards strangers and will smile at them and then bury his head into whoever is holding him.  He FINALLY started reaching his arms out for whoever he wants to be holding him whereas before he would just touch your hands.

Truitt is still nursing on demand every 2-4 hours during the day.  He now tugs on my shirt when he wants to nurse.  For breakfast he is offered oatmeal mixed with fruit.  Currently we mix 1oz of homemade babyfood with the oatmeal and he usually eats most of it.  I have made more but we end up wasting it.  During the day he eats whatever fruit I'm eating and at supper he is offered a veggie.  He will rarely eat more than 1oz at a time but I'm not worried about it as long as he's still nursing, growing, happy and meeting milestones.  So far Truitt has tried rice cereal, oatmeal, peaches, bananas, pears, apples, plums, carrots, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, peas, and avocado.  While we were on vacation he ate Plum Organic Pouches but when we're home all of his food is homemade (except for the oatmeal which we buy packaged!).  He prefers whole food to purees and will eat an entire side dish of green beans when we go out to eat! We keep a sippy cup of icewater near at all times (it's been over 100ยบ for almost a month straight here!) but he plays with it more than anything!

Sleep hasn't gotten any better this month and in all honesty, it's worse.  Truitt is now up every 2 hours quite regularly.  I'm not sure what the problem is but I'm pretty sure we will have to start sleep training in the next few weeks.  I was most worried about him being too scared to sit down from standing but he has mastered going from sitting to standing and back to sitting so now I have no excuses now!

Truitt had another ear infection this month and I'm not quite sure that it has cleared up yet.  He is still tugging at his ear but it could be teething related or just because he knows where they are.  As for teething, nothing has come through yet. (AS OF 7 MONTHS- NO TEETH HOWEVER SINCE THIS IS LATE, HE DID HAVE A TOOTH BREAK THROUGH TODAY, AT 7 MONTHS 4 DAYS)   The doctor looked when we went in for the ear infection but didn't see anything that would break through the skin soon although he did say that the front two bottom teeth buds are becoming more obvious.  I am personally in NO hurry for him to get teeth.  He does wear a Baltic Amber teething necklace during the day just in case :)

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