Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Computer...or lack thereof! Well I finally gave in and took it to my IT buddy that fixed it when there was an awful virus on it.  He will figure out if it's fixable and if so if it's something we should spend money on fixing or if we should just buy a new one.

I am still reading blogs but it's really a pain to comment from my phone.  I haven't forgotten about you!

On Saturday we're going to see my sister and nephew(!) and then on Tuesday we're driving to my Dad's to visit and take Truitt to the ocean!  My sister lives about 7.5 hours away and then Dad is about hours from her and then 5 hours home to us.  Truitt still isn't too fond of being confined in the carseat so I will ride in the back with him and try to keep him happy while nursing (he and I both stay buckled, I just put the shoulder strap behind my back and pop it out and lean slightly over his seat- that's the fantastic part about saggy F's) and E is taking earmuffs...no joke!  I figure we'll have to stop at least every 2 hours to change him and let him stretch out but I'm praying he does ok.  The good part is since we're seeing Dad, the ride home is cut in half!

Truitt is crawling like a champ both tradition crawl and bear crawl.  If he's on the wood or tile he bear crawls (I guess it hurts his knees) and he is FAST!  He also is letting go when he stands up and has fallen and he hits his head hard.  It takes my breath away but I hear it's just part of the stage and as long as momma doesn't freak out, he won't either.  Sometime the thud makes me think he will give himself a concussion!

You probably won't hear from me until we're back and then not until the computer is fixed or we buy a new one.  LOTS of pictures once we get back... TRUITT IS MEETING HIS BABY COUSIN!


  1. So glad you're getting your comp fixed. Luckily I'm married to an IT god so things get fixed pretty quickly around here...but I know what a pain it is to be without!

  2. Yay have fun on your trip! Our beach vacay starts Saturday as well but it's only an hour away. I try to take different toys on long trips and give Ry one at a time to keep her occupied. Also rolling her window down thrills her to no end as well! Have fun!

  3. have a great trip! And way to go with nursing still buckled! Perfect solution to cranky car trips!