Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Nigh night time!

So I don't have the blogger app on my phone and have found that the easiest thing to do is write out a post as an email draft and then when I'm able to get on the computer I go into yahoo and copy and paste into blogger. Well I wrote out a long post earlier and managed to delete it- I nearly cried! I'll save the tears for when I spill my pumped milk!  Now on top of that our laptop (only computer) has decided that while it will power on the screen will stay black and you have to restart it a few times before it comes back on.  SO FRUSTRATING!

SLEEP! That's what I had typed about.  As all of my longtime readers know, sleep has always been a battle for us.  Truitt was so colicky from the get-go that the only way we could get any sleep was for him to be held and since he cluster fed all night long for MONTHS we spent our first 4 months sleeping in the recliner.  He'd wake every hour latch on and then we'd both eventually fall back to sleep just in time for him to wake up and want to nurse again.  We finally transitioned into my bed once he was going 2 hours between feeds and I was able to get him latched on while laying down.  Since then we've been in bed. 

Our current routine is to try to go down between 8 and 9 and he will normally start stirring around and fussing after 3 hours.  I will latch him on and we are both asleep in a matter of minutes again while he is semi-nursing/mostly using me as a pacifier.  This will happen again every 2-3 hours the rest of the night.  He then wakes for the day between 6 and 7:30.

As for napping- if you're holding him (or he's in my lap as he is now) he sleeps GREAT but if you try to lay him down or get him to sleep in his crib he's only asleep for 30 minutes max.  He normally takes a great nap between 8 and 9 depending on how early he woke up and then a shorter nap around noon, long nap around 2 and then a short nap in the evening.  We have tried eliminating the evening nap and that makes going to sleep even more difficult.  When we lay down- whether it be 7:30 or 9, he rolls around in the bed, pulling up on us and talking up a storm.  I will lay him back down and tell him "nigh night time" but he still fights it.  It is getting horribly frustrating and this is pushing me to sleep train more than the waking every 2-3 hours!  The waking is due to him getting to the light stage of sleep and not being able to soothe himself back to sleep.  I've tried patting his back and shushing him but he starts wailing until he's able to nurse.

On top of the problems we're having with unable to soothe himself, Truitt now pulls himself up on everything- including the crib.  The problem is that he doesn't know how to sit back down without falling so the "come get me mom" sad cry turns into a terrified "i'm going to fall, help!" cry which I CANNOT deal with!  The other day I got him to nap in his crib after going in there and laying him back down FIVE times.  Finally he was so exhausted he stayed down and I sat on the floor patting his back while he moaned for 10 more minutes with his eyes closed.  He then woke up 20 minutes later.  We have lowered his crib but he still pulls up.  I even tried the pack and play thinking he couldn't get a hold of anything  to pull himself up on since it has mesh walls but he was able to do it!

So I'm not quite sure where we're headed in our sleep journey.  We are going to visit my sister and then my dad at the end of the month so we're not trying anything until after that but something has got to give soon.  This momma is TIRED!

(Asleep in his lowered crib. It only lasted 20 minutes but it was a beautiful sight!)


  1. I have no advice here as we often run into the same issue!

    During nap time, after he wakes up from a short nap, I jump by his side, cuddle him and pop a pacifier in his mouth (i.e. Not me! Which is nice NOT to be the pacifier once in a while). Sometimes this soothes him back to sleep for a while longer.

  2. Rylin acts like I'm putting her in a fiery pit every time I lay her down in her crib. Even if she is sound asleep she wakes up as soon as we put her down! It's been 8 months since I've had more than 4 hours of consecutive sleep! :( I feel your pain!

  3. Hugs, sweetie. I'm sure you've read every single piece of advice on sleep, so I'm not going to offer you any. Just big fat hugs. :D

  4. :hugs: I hope things get better soon!